Brave Marine Reveals SHOCKING Potential Punishments for Refusing the Jab


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Across the United States, vaccine mandates are causing firings, resignations, and suspensions… even in the U.S. military. Tuesday, a disturbing clip was posted by an anonymous Marine describing the potential punishment for refusing the vaccine.

  • “Everyone who refuses to get this treatment will be subject to a general court-martial convening authority in which they will determine your fate.”
  • “A general court-martial is the highest tier of military justice that can be administered, and they have the authority to issue up to a death sentence to anybody whose case comes to a general court-martial.”
  • “Whoever ends up presiding over my case, as I have blatantly refused to get this treatment because it’s wrong, just know I will happily die before I have this injected into my body.”

Watch the full clip here:


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