NEW: Jobs Report FLOPS; Record Number of Americans Quit in August


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Workers in the United States quit their jobs in record numbers according to the latest jobs report from August, leaving a record number of job openings available throughout the U.S. An all-time high 4.3 million US workers quit their jobs in August 2021, leaving 10.4 million jobs open. 

The jobs report has been labeled the “great resignation” by some because of the record number of openings and voluntary quittings. The stats, released by the Labor Department, shows that a whopping 4.3 million workers voluntarily resigned from their jobs in August.

The disappointing report also showed just 194,000 jobs were created in September, which is objectively deemed a massive disappointment for Joe Biden. “This is quite a deflating report,” said Nick Bunker, the economic research director at Indeed.

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December 2000 was the last time that the United States saw record highs like this. 

The report also comes at a time when countless Americans are leaving their jobs because of vaccine requirement-related reasons. In blue states like New York, health care workers are being fired left and right for refusing the jab.

Northwell, which is one of New York’s biggest healthcare employers, has begun firing nurses and healthcare workers who have refused to get the vaccine. 

Teachers in New York have also pushed back by using the courts to claim religious exemptions to the vaccine.

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Workers at Southwest have also begun to push back this weekend as thousands of pilots and workers staging sick-outs brought about massive delays throughout the US. 

Total hiring numbers in August fell to 6.3 million from 6.8 million in July. 

“The data is highlighting the immense problems businesses are dealing with,” said Jennifer Lee, an economist at BMO Capital markets, speaking to the AP about the report. 

Other countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia continue to struggle as well.

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