BREAKING: McCarthy LOSES Third Vote for Speaker as Suprise Frontrunner Emerges (VIDEO)


GOP leader Kevin McCarthy has lost the third round of voting in the House’s Speakership election. To win the gavel, a member of the House needs to garner 218 votes. But currently, McCarthy holds the support of just 201 Republicans, and Freedom Caucus leader Jim Jordan (R-OH) is now gaining momentum, reeling in 20 votes from numerous high-profile conservatives.

Here is where the vote stands right now:

Despite supporting McCarthy’s bid for the Speakership with considerable fervor, Jordan is now looking like the frontrunner, without ever launching a push to win.


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Which Republican Do YOU Support for Speaker?

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Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), a relatively mainstream conservative, has now flipped to Jordan, signaling a shift in support among more than just hardline Freedom Caucus-aligned Republicans.


Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) also nominated Jim Jordan for the Speakership, suggesting he would be a better alternative for the conservatives vying for change in the swamp:

Congress has adjourned for the day with the vote at 201 for McCarthy, 209 for Democrat Hakeem Jeffries, and 20 for Jordan.

The only way for Jeffries to win the Speakership is if enough of the Republican majority vote present in any future round of voting. Each present vote lowers the required number of seats needed for a victory.

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  1. WHY IN THE HELL DO DEMORATS GET TO VOTE FOR HOUSE SPEAKER WHEN REPUBS ARE IN THE MAJORITY? And, why don’t the Repubs remove their head from their asses and stick together for once. Just about finished with the dumbasses and their stupid antics.

  2. Just not too sure Republicans have the smarts to control the House! Are they content to let the Democrat, who is favored at 100% by the left, be the new Speaker? Why can’t Republicans put their quest for power aside and close ranks and vote a conservative as the new Speaker? We already have enough division between RINOs and conservatives, now we need to further divide? Really? And I foolishly thought that Republicans could unite for the good of the Country. Silly me!

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