BREAKING: These 14 Republican Holdouts JUST FLIPPED to McCarthy


After a historic twelfth vote, Republican California Rep. Kevin McCarthy failed to garner enough support to win the Speakership on Friday despite several former holdouts flipping their votes.

In the twelfth tally, McCarthy finally gained some momentum and won 213 votes while Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan won four and Oklahoma Rep. Kevin Kern gained three votes.

Democratic New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries once again secured all Democratic votes, according to the Daily Caller.

North Carolina Rep.-elect Dan Bishop, who originally served as one of the leaders against McCarthy, flipped his vote in favor of the Californian, along with Oklahoma Rep. Josh Brecheen, Texas Rep. Michael Cloud. Georgia Rep. Andrew Clyde, Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, Illinois Rep. Mary Miller, South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman, Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry, Texas Rep. Chip Roy, Texas Rep. Keith Self, Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar, Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles and Indiana Rep. Victoria Spartz.

The historic battle for the speakership in the 118th Congress will now enter a 13th round of voting, and with new momentum on his side, McCarthy will continue to vie for the office.

A Speaker of the House was not selected on day one for the first time in exactly a century, and the selection has taken longer than six votes just eight times in American history.

The 2023 speakership battle has now officially dragged on longer than any fight for the gavel since the Civil War.

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8 Responses

  1. To Whom It May Concern in National Republican Committee:
    We won in the least plurality in US House for majority. Now, please all Republican elects should be united we stand, if divided we fall in next Presidential Election even both U.S. Senate and House. Nevertheless whoever in the NRC won the election keep their position, because we, Republicans are all patriots who protect and serve the America. Thanks all of YOU.

  2. We are a Republic, and what your seeing is how a strong Republic works.
    Differing opinions on going forward are being represented by all participants in the process.
    Appreciate the fact that the “status quo” meaning the same stuff going forward as usual is unacceptable and “our” voices are being heard in opposing business as usual. Don’t swallow the MSM jumping on this process and labeling things to their advantage.
    This isn’t disarray, it isn’t weakness, and it isn’t the Republican Party not knowing what they want.
    Our voice is being represented. Turn MSM off and enjoy the outcome.

  3. I realize that this is part of the political game, but this gambit is casting a bad light on the Republican party, and turning off those independent voters upon whom any national election, to say nothing of many state elections, turn. It’s time for those on the far right (are they any better than those on the far left???) to get this speaker elected, so the new majority, no matter how slim, may move the country forward in a more conservative direction.

  4. Quit the DAMN bickering and get to work solving America’s problems, you smucks. The Repubs could screw up a 2 car parade. You hand them a win, and they will trash it every time. What a bunch of DUMB ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. MCCarthy works for the lobbies and PACs which means there money to him is more important than the American Taxpayer. That’s why they are holding out…he won’t be good for the party nor Americans

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