BREAKING: McCarthy Loses AGAIN; Here Are the 20 Republicans Refusing to Back Him (LIST)


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After an eighth vote, the House of Representatives still has yet to choose a Speaker of the House, as of 3:30 PM on Thursday.

Since voting began, Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s vote share has only dipped, and a bloc of 20 Republicans now won’t back his bid for speaker, despite numerous concessions reportedly offered.

Here is the full list of McCarthy dissidents, as of the 8th vote:

  1. Rep. Andy Biggs
  2. Rep. Dan Bishop
  3. Rep. Lauren Boebert
  4. Rep.-elect Josh Brecheen
  5. Rep. Michael Cloud
  6. Rep. Andrew Clyde
  7. Rep.-elect Eli Crane
  8. Rep. Byron Donalds
  9. Rep. Matt Gaetz
  10. Rep. Bob Good
  11. Rep. Paul Gosar
  12. Rep. Andy Harris
  13. Rep.-elect Anna Paulina Luna
  14. Rep. Mary Miller
  15. Rep. Ralph Norman
  16. Rep.-elect Andy Ogles
  17. Rep. Scott Perry
  18. Rep. Matt Rosendale
  19. Rep. Chip Roy
  20. Rep.-elect Keith Self
Top row, left to right: Rep. Andy Biggs , Rep. Dan Bishop, Rep. Lauren Boebert, Rep.-elect Josh Brecheen, Rep. Michael Cloud. Second row, left to right: Rep. Andrew Clyde, Rep.-elect Eli Crane, Rep. Byron Donalds, Rep. Matt Gaetz, Rep. Bob Good. Third row, left to right: Rep. Paul Gosar, Rep. Andy Harris, Rep.-elect Anna Paulina Luna, Rep. Mary Miller, Rep. Ralph Norman. Bottom row, left to right: Rep.-elect Andy Ogles, Rep. Scott Perry, Rep. Matt Rosendale, Rep. Chip Roy, Rep.-elect Keith Self. (US House of Representatives/Getty Images)

The historic battle for the speakership in the 118th Congress is now entering a 9th round of voting.

A Speaker of the House was not selected on day one for the first time in exactly a century, and the selection has taken longer than six votes just eight times in American history.

The 2023 speakership battle has now officially dragged on longer than the last contested speaker election, which occurred one century ago in 1923.


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Which Republican Do YOU Support for Speaker?

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