California Energy Grid Faces IMMINENT BLACKOUTS


gas generator charges a tesla in a California driveway
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Last night, California issued a Level 3 energy emergency alert, saying energy blackouts are “imminent” or “in progress” per Fox LA reporting. 

At 5:49 pm local time, Fox reporter Bill Melugin tweeted that California grid operations issued an emergency alert on mobile devices to alert citizens over the matter. 

Rogue Review has obtained a screenshot of the alert, pictured below. 

The alert urges CA residents to “turn off or reduce nonessential power” and that “power interruptions may occur unless you take action.”

Later, rolling blackouts began in both Palo Alto and Almeda. 

California’s Energy Emergency Alerts have four stages: EEA watch, EEA 1, EEA 2, and EEA 3. With each step comes an increase in severity. As of Tuesday night, California was at EEA3.

Tesla owners report receiving messages to avoid charging from 4 pm to 9 pm. 

RNC research took a jab at the ruling party: 

For many, it’s hard to believe that a state in the developed United States of America would see third-world levels of grid failure. But progressive policies on energy have led California to a state of emergency. The state has shut down nuclear and natural gas power plants since 2018. This infrastructure was key to keeping CA afloat, but ideological positions on energy have overridden more conservative sensibilities.

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