Biden & Fetterman BOTH Struggle Through Simple Sentences [WATCH]


fetterman and joe biden at campaign events
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Representatives of the Democratic Party have struggled to complete sentences the last few weeks, with both the Commander in Chief and Pennsylvania Senate Candidate botching public speaking appearances. 

At a United Steelworkers event, Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman’s sentence structures seemed to be scrambled. 

“…Send me to Washington DC to send – so I can work with Senator Casey and I can champion the union way of life in Jersey – excuse me – in DC. Thank you, thank you very much and it’s an honor. I live eight minutes away from here, and when I leave tonight, I’ve got three miles away Dr. Oz in his mansion in New Jersey. You’ve got a friend and you have an ally, send me to Washington DC.”

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden was having his own language issues at a speech in Milwaukee. Biden was trying to wrap up his address with “may God protect our troops”, but came out “may God PRECKT our troops”, to the confusion of many. 

Both Fetterman and Biden have struggled with their public speaking. Fetterman has pulled out of any foreseeable debates with Republican candidate Dr. Oz as a result. He said the decision was part of his recovery from a stroke he suffered in spring of 2022. 

Rogue Review has covered Biden’s public speaking in detail over the past several years. Below is a list of headlines collected to showcase this ongoing phenomenon.

Whether these gaffes will hurt either Biden or Fetterman remains to be seen. Since the midterms are the first real referendum on Democratic policies, many plan to use this as a bellwether for 2024. According to political data outlet FiveThirtyEight, Fetterman has a 79% chance of winning the Pennsylvania seat against Dr. Oz in November. In the congressional “generic ballot”, the public has desired a Republican from November 17th, 2021 through August 5th, 2022. This is where Democrats have gained the advantage in general polling. Joe Biden is still underwater, with 52.8% of the American public disapproving and only 43% approving. 

Photo credits: Breitbart News.

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