LOL: Socialist Boston Mayor Gets EMBARRASSED on Instagram Live


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In the 2021 mayoral elections, Boston’s Democrats and progressives rallied around a full-blown socialist, Michelle Wu, electing her to lead the city. Predictably, it’s been a tough start for Boston’s resident Marxist, who decided to force an overreaching vaccine mandate on her constituents from the jump.

Joe Battenfeld of the Boston Herald said this about Wu’s wildly unpopular – and divisive – medical mandate:

“The rubber is hitting the road on Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s not-so-aptly named “B Together” vaccine passport and mandate — and she might be paying a high political price for her bold policy decisions.

It’s one thing to make the pronouncement that there will be a vaccine mandate, but quite another when small businesses start losing customers and unions start demanding to make the mandate part of their collective bargaining negotiations.

There is nothing “together” about this strict policy, which has drawn howls of protests from some unions and others opposed to vaccine mandates.”

Wu, unflinching under totally reasonable pressure from sane Bostonians, has continued to ignore the protests from her constituents, but she has quickly discovered that avoiding her angry citizens is tougher in the digital age than it was for fellow Marxist leaders of the past like Mao Zedong, who could just murder their opposition.

And after this disastrous Instagram Live Q&A session, Wu is probably wishing she could delete her citizens’ social media accounts just as easily as Mao could wipe his opponents off the face of the earth.


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  1. Is there a democrat in any position who under stands that their mandates are not working and most are unconstitutional? Looks like they have only on objective, DESTROY AMERICA and it’s CONSTITUTION. Why do fools put them in office? Are they all blind?

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