THOMAS: West Point-Educated Colonel Pulls Back Veil On Ukraine War


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Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with President Trump was insanely popular, and also not the most important interview Carlson released this week.

That honor belongs to his interview with Colonel Douglas Macgregor.

Here’s why.

The one belief still holding Right and Left Americans together is the idea that we represent a special brand of decency as a people, and that this is represented both at home and abroad.

I believe, despite all the political anger in our country, that we do represent that — with the exception of a few Democrat/blue-city thugs. I’ve been to England, Mexico and Canada and met with legal clients from all over the world, and I’ve never met people as purely decent as average Americans. We’re ever ready to help a neighbor, fix what’s broken and see good in anyone, even an enemy.

We’re also genuinely outraged when people are left to the “tender mercies” of a tyrant, so it’s easy to play on our sense of justice by claiming that someone else’s rights or land has been violated. That’s where Tucker’s interview with Colonel Macgregor on the topic of Ukraine comes in.

The story America’s major political parties have sold us regarding the conflict in Ukraine is that of a classic bully and victim. Putin is the tyrant beating up freedom-loving people, so everyone — even Republicans and Democrats — should unite over it. Giving Ukraine billions of dollars is what any decent people would do, and few in Congress bother to question that, or the wisdom of being involved with the conflict.

They are certain Ukraine can and will win, and mainstream news outlets reinforce that narrative daily.

But Macgregor’s discussion with Carlson, which highlighted the West Point alum and successful combat leader’s views on the conflict, punched gaping holes in the official narrative, and those holes have the potential to destroy Americans’ trust in their entire government. Here is quick a quick summary of Macgregor’s claims:

  1. Ukraine is not winning. It has now likely lost 400,000 men in battle (the equivalent of all U.S. dead in World War II). It is running out of soldiers, especially since 14 million people have emigrated from there since the war started.
  2. Ukraine’s vaunted “spring counteroffensive” led to 40,000 Ukrainian deaths.
  3. Russia has likely lost no more than 40,000–50,000 men during the war, and Ukraine had a smaller population to begin with.
  4. Russia has kept its strongest forces (at least 300,000 men) in reserve in Russia, wanting to hedge its bets and lower the chance of direct conflict with the U.S. and other Western powers.
  5. Ukrainian soldiers are surrendering in massive numbers because their units have lost the ability to even care for their wounded, let alone fight effectively.
  6. Russia has no shortage of war material and the means by which to produce it. It is the West, which has outsourced its means of production to other countries, which is short.  
  7. Russia had legitimate concerns at the outset of the war. These were essentially: (a) the treatment of Ukraine’s large Russian population, which the nationalist Zelensky regime had targeted for harsh treatment, and (b) increasing NATO and U.S. involvement in Ukraine, which would likely have led to hostile nuclear missiles being placed minutes from Russia’s major cities.  

Colonel Macgregor was also nominated to several important positions by President Trump, including ambassador to Germany, but had these nominations stopped by Democrats in Congress.

In summary, Ukraine, per Macgregor, has effectively been lost, barring direct intervention by U.S. troops, which could lead to nuclear war between the two great powers. The moral lines in the conflict are not as clear as our leaders would like us to believe, and continuing the war (which Trump has called for an end to) is leading, not to victory, but to the eradication of the Ukrainian population and the wasting of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Quite frankly, If 10% of what Macgregor says is true, the lies official Washington has been willing to tell the American people to protect itself and its own vision of the world are unconscionable.

The good news is that, if enough Americans wake up to how much both parties lie to us, there’s a chance for a new unity and sense of purpose. We can unite around ending Washington’s unregulated decision-making power, start focusing on the financial welfare of Americans instead of foreigners and get rid of the corruption that comes with such a large and bloated government.

It’s time to hold the government accountable.


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