LGBT: The Three Lies That Started It All


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Opinion Column

“We’re coming for your children.” – LGBT Pride Marchers in NYC, June 23, 2023

With another “pride” month consigned to the trash heap of history, it’s very much worth looking at the lies that started it all.

Years ago, supporters of the LGBT movement based their lobbying on three main falsehoods. These were:

  1. That their agenda wasn’t a slippery slope into things that most people find repulsive
  2. That their lifestyles wouldn’t affect anyone but themselves
  3. That the participants in LGBT lifestyles were exactly like everyone else — except for their romantic attractions

Lie Number One

Those of us who were smart and paid attention long ago realized that everything about the LGBTHDTV+ movement risked a fast trip to a dark place. When a society normalizes something that flies in the face of decency and common sense, it always leads to cultural decay.

In 2013, the Huffington Post mocked the idea that gay marriage would lead to bestiality or other social taboos. The slippery slope argument, we were told, was “a common ploy used by politicians and religious zealots to invoke fear.”

The only new thing that would happen when gay marriage was legalized, the Post proclaimed, was that “gay men [would] marry gay men [and] lesbians [would] marry lesbians.”

Cue 2023, exactly ten years later.

To start with, bestiality is now very much a thing.

True, having sex with an animal is still illegal. But for how long?

The man Joe Biden once appointed to be in charge of nuclear waste disposal in the United States via the Department of Energy (Sam Brinton) openly enjoys “pup play.” For those who have never had the chance to vomit over that “completely normal” fetish, it includes things like having your same-sex partner put on a leather dog mask and tail, putting a leash on them and then watching them acting like a canine — right before almost-literally screwing the pooch).

Mr. Brinton isn’t alone in this fetish. Just three years after the Post article linked to above, the magazine ran a piece celebrating — you guessed it pup play. Naturally, it was written by a photographer who’s involved in the puppy fetish.

As it turns out, Brinton is joined in his hobby by a whole “community” of LGBT-associated groups whose members dress as animals. Many of them actually believe they are animals, including a famous Swedish lady who thinks she is a cat.

Move along, everyone! No slippery slope here!

But the animal stuff is practically tame compared to the mutilation of 12-year-olds in the name of “transgenderism,” including cutting off girls’ breasts and boys’ genitalia. Does that constitute a slippery slope?

What about letting men in women’s bathrooms and locker rooms or letting men compete in women’s contact sports, such as MMA, where a biological male was allowed to break his female opponent’s skull?

For that matter, what about all the open nudity at “pride” events, including at Biden’s White House?

Lie number one leads naturally into lie number two — that LGBT behavior won’t affect anyone else.

Lie Number Two

It doesn’t affect anyone else. It affects everyone else.

Need a list?

  1. Children (who have no idea what they are doing and frequently change their minds) are being permanently mutilated.
  2. A fair number of people now think they’re animals. Call me crazy, but that might affect their ability to be productive members of society.
  3. Western countries, most of which have barely stable or declining populations, are losing opportunities to increase birth rates.
  4. People are routinely fired for opposing the LGBT agenda.
  5. Children in schools and libraries are being exposed to adult sexual themes.
  6. Anyone who doesn’t agree to promote the LGBT agenda is being destroyed – case in point, the Christian baker in Colorado who was fined over $300,000 for being unwilling to make a wedding cake that violated his religious beliefs. The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed his freedom of religion, but he continued to be harassed and had to go to court a second time. Moreover, the court didn’t actually overturn the law, forcing a Christian woman who does website design to also take her case to the Supreme Court (where she just won).
  7. Public nudity at LGBT events.

All of that is in addition to society having to treat as normal behaviors that very clearly aren’t. I’ve never wanted to interfere in someone else’s private life, but no one should be forced to play along with crazy behavior in public.

Most of us are entirely sick of having to ignore what is right in front of us, use a normal tone and faking a normal expression when confronted with the bizarre. When I meet someone, I shouldn’t have to dance around asking whether they are a man or a woman. I shouldn’t have to act like grown men wearing pink and giggling like schoolgirls is just a fact of life.

Even Hollywood used to joke endlessly about such things. Now, God help anyone with a sense of humor.

That takes us to lie number three – that you can tell who is LGBT only by their expressed attractions.

Lie Three

I doubt that many other writers have the courage to admit this, but most of the LGBT people we meet aren’t just average people with different attractions, and many are facing serious emotional and/or psychological trials.

Yes, often people who identify as LGBT are able to function well in society (and, to be clear, I certainly don’t bear LGBT individuals any personal animosity). But that doesn’t mean the problems aren’t there.

In 2019, conservative author Ben Shapiro pointed out that the suicide rate among “transgender” individuals (I’ll get to the rest of the LGBT spectrum shortly) is about 40%.

In short, being transgender is more likely to result in death than actually receiving a death sentence in America (most death sentences are never carried out due to pardons, a long appeal process, the unavailability of needed drugs and states such as Pennsylvania imposing a moratoriums on executions).

It’s hard to find better evidence of mental illness in a group than a 40% suicide rate

Rather than refute Ben, many on the Left argued that depression and suicide are the results of those individuals just not being accepted hard enough — the media adulation, government pandering and a supportive school system apparently not being sufficient.

But, as Ben also noted, that argument doesn’t hold water. Even among transgender individuals who admit that their transitions are so perfect no one they interact with seems to notice anything different, 36% commit suicide (basically the same rate, because social science statistics typically have a 3–4% margin of error).

The suicide rate among those who consider themselves to be lesbian, gay or bisexual is also off the charts. In fact, the National Institutes of Health, a government entity, found that “after taking demographic factors into account, researchers found that the suicide risk was three to six times greater for lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults than for heterosexual adults.”

That’s horrific.

However, it tallies with my personal experiences interacting with LGBT friends and family members. I’d be the last person to argue that I have no past trauma in my life, but the stories of bad childhoods, and often of outright molestation are endemic among the LGBT crowd.

Also, most of the lesbians I’ve met “came out” after a bad experience with a man.

For most, their current “lifestyles” are less of a choice than an escape from whatever plagues them. LGBT advocates promise an escape from the things that hurt, but, for the most part, the lifestyle is just a mask that hides pain and stress.

It’s time to pause for a moment in the fight against the latest fetishes and fads and reexamine the roots of the current insanity.

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