DAVOS: Trump Preaches America First Principles to Globalist Elites


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I believe in America.

This statement was part of an address to the Davos World Economic Forum by the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

It’s a simple phrase, but it carries incredible weight considering the venue of his speech.

Those who attend Davos worship globalism. They believe in global decision-making, global finance and the global movement of people. While they may purport to have loyalty to their nation —  they are far more concerned with their “standing” on a global level — an exclusive club of sorts, if you will.

Declaring your love or allegiance to your country is out-of-fashion at these events. It garners an eye-roll and a condescending smirk.

President Trump doesn’t care about what these people think.

He cares about America.

From the beginning of his keynote speech, the Trump philosophy stood in stark contrast to those of the other world leaders. He preached American economic strength with a blend of nationalism and common-sense free trade. Trump spoke about the “forgotten” people of America – enshrining them with worth and dignity to the faces of wealthy elitists. He stated, “When people are forgotten the world becomes fractured.” Trump reiterated the importance of being a sovereign nation, while still crafting valuable relationships with other strong nations, noting, “America First does not mean America Alone”.

This type of thinking is scoffed at by the leaders who attend this kind of forum. We have people here in America who have globalist sensibilities among the Left as well as some old-guard, idealist conservatives (people like David French and Bill Kristol). In their minds, anything to benefit GDP on paper is better than the tangible results for normal people. Leftists, establishment GOP-types and ideological libertarians want to open our borders. The Left wants them open for votes, while the right wants them open for cheap labor. Trump disrupts this decades-long consensus by promoting America-first economics and border policy.

And the elitists don’t like it one bit.

This is why they hate Trump and obsess over burning his Presidency to the ground.

President Trump is an economic pragmatist with a flare of healthy nationalism. Since his election, 2.4 million jobs have been created and unemployment has been at a 50-year low at 3.5 percent. He has unleashed the private sector by repealing unnecessary and hindering regulations on industry. Our country is finally energy independent and does not need to rely on Middle East OPEC oil.

Most of all, President Trump chooses to see YOU. If you live in a little town in Nebraska, President Trump cares more about your plight than the opinion of unelected bureaucrats at the United Nations or globalist ideologues at Davos. He is wealthy, but he fills stadiums full of normal, working people. Why? Donald Trump has a stronger connection to the construction worker or the nurse than the champagne sipping, coastal elite.

Inciting Reagan-era nostalgia with his “Make America Great Again” slogan, Trump convinced the American people to put him into office and bring greatness back to the United States. When he preaches this America-first philosophy in a hostile, globalist venue like Davos, it reiterates his genuine resolve to see this agenda forwarded in our nation.

Photo Credits: Epoch Times.

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