Diesel Fuel in America Projected to Run Out Thanksgiving Week


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Diesel fuel is one of the backbones of American energy, supplying a core piece of our nation’s supply chain.

The Biden administration’s war efforts in Ukraine have drained the diesel fuel supply in this country dangerously low, to the point where diesel fuel is projected to run out the Monday before Thanksgiving. 

In a late October segment, Tucker Carlson covered the crisis on his show. 

“The Biden administration is doubling down on the self-destructive mistakes that are destroying the European Union. The White House banned Russian oil, natural gas and coal. It was our “moral duty”. At the same time, the Biden administration crushed domestic oil production here by canceling oil and gas leases. And then…the Biden administration sold a piece of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve, maybe this country’s most important resource, to China. None of this hurts Putin in any way, all of it impoverishes the United States.”

“Thanks to the Biden administration’s religious war in Ukraine, this country is about to run out of diesel fuel. According to data from the Energy Information Administration, by the Monday of Thanksgiving week, there will be more diesel. What’s going to happen then? Well, everything will stop. That means trucks and trains and barges are all unable to move. Farm equipment will shut down. There will be no deliveries, because there will be no trucks. There will be no diesel generators. And then inevitably, our economy will crash. Because everything runs on diesel fuel. Not on solar panels, not on wind farms, on diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is not a negotiable commodity. You have to have diesel.” 

Should Republicans IMPEACH BIDEN in 2023?

Should Republicans IMPEACH BIDEN in 2023?

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Tucker went on to describe that not only is the United States having issues with diesel supplies, but every other Western nation is supporting the war in Ukraine.

Jet fuel is also up about 23% in the last month, meaning diesel fuel is not the only thing dwindling. Kerosene is now close to $7 per gallon. 

During a local Fox segment in New England, a widowed homeowner described how she is struggling to make ends meet when paying over $6 per gallon for heating oil. When asked what other areas she is cutting to pay for heating fuel she said, “Food. I go to the grocery store and I’m very frugal about what I buy.”

new england widow paying for expensive winter fuel with food money
New England widow paying for rising heating oil costs with food money. // Source: Fox 61.

Tucker wrapped up the segment by saying, “this shouldn’t be happening in this of all countries. The United States has some of the deepest energy reserves on the planet. It’s our main strength. Cheap energy is the reason this is a rich country. That’s the reason. That’s why we are exceptional…and this country was energy independent just a few years ago.”

This is not the first time the Fox News host has attacked the Biden administration over energy. Back in July of 2022, Tucker Carlson called for the impeachment of Joe Biden over the selling of SPR oil to China during record-high inflation.

Photo credit: resistthemainstream.org, Fox News.

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  1. How the American public has allowed this fraudulent president to destroy our country is a wonder to no end. Makes one quite sure that the forces at work go way beyond the doddering babbling Satan-on-a-stick. The U.S. military should, first, purge its ranks of the cabal enabling this destruction of America, and then that military should do its job and protect citizens by removing the Democrat Party—the domestic terrorists—from power and returning it to the administration that preceded this debacle. Despite the lack of attention most Americans pay to the sinking of their own ship, some know what is going on. It will take a few well coordinated “surprises” to seal the leaks, right the ship and return to greatness. The time is now.

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