Dr. Mehmet Oz Steps Up During In-Flight Medical Emergency


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US Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz put his medical expertise to use last weekend when he was on a flight from Louisville to Philadelphia. The retired cardiothoracic surgeon said that he was in his seat during the flight when a 27-year-old passenger collapsed, prompting others to shout that he was suffering a medical emergency. 

“I was sitting in my seat, and a woman a few rows ahead of me yelled out that there was a crisis,” Dr. Oz, said in an interview with Newsmax.

“I had run to the bay, and the gentleman had collapsed to the ground,” Oz continued. “He had been trying to get into the bathroom.”

Oz had the flight attendants bring some sugary soda for the man, which brought him back to consciousness.

The man was suffering from low blood pressure and dehydration. According to Dr. Oz, he drove to the Louisville airport overnight, which brought on the symptoms.

“He had driven all night long to get to the airport, and I’m sure he was dehydrated because with fluids, his blood pressure came up,” Oz said in an interview with Newsmax. 

Oz is running against progressive Democrat John Fetterman, who suffered his own medical episode earlier in the campaign when he had a stroke, leaving him with noticeable speech deficits.

“These flight attendants were very well trained, kept their calm, and were able to help me perfectly,” said Oz, who praised the attendants’ actions, one of whom was on her first day. 

This is the second time Dr. Oz has helped an airline passenger during the duration of his Senate run. Earlier in the campaign, a 60-year-old passenger collapsed at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. Dr. Oz was able to retrieve a defibrillator and shock the man back to life.

“His story was crazy because he literally collapsed at the baggage claim, had no pulse, and turned blue, and was dying,” Oz said of the man in Newark. “Once again, the officers at the airport were well trained, and rushed to my help, and got me a defibrillator, and helped me do CPR.” 

Dr. Oz is currently down in the polls, with some showing a deficit of as many as 11 percentage points. However, a recent poll released by Susquehanna suggests Fetterman’s lead has shrunk to 5 percentage points.

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