Senate Candidate John Fetterman Struggles In Speech Post-Stroke


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John Fetterman, the far-left Democratic candidate for United States Senate in Pennsylvania, recently struggled to speak at an event where he was addressing Union workers.

The speech comes after the candidate revealed that he suffered a significant stroke earlier in the campaign.

Fetterman suffered a stroke in May that left him hospitalized and unable to participate on the campaign trail actively.

“I had a stroke that was caused by a blood clot in my heart being in a-fib rhythm too long,” Fetterman said in a statement in May.

Fetterman started his speech by addressing the union workers in the crowd, and it quickly went off the rails.

“What is wrong with demanding for an easy safe, kind of their income,” Fetterman said, struggling to complete his speech earlier this week. At one point in his remarks, the Senate hopeful seems to forget what he was saying and had to pause to collect his thoughts.


The speech lasted about five minutes, and following the event, Fetterman left the stage without addressing questions or addressing the crowd in attendance. 

Fetterman has been derided by Dr. Mehmet Oz’s campaign allies for his far-left views on issues such as abortion; he believes in the procedure up to the minute of birth without restrictions. Other progressive views held by Fetterman include placing a moratorium on oil drilling and fracking in Pennsylvania and legalizing heroin injection sites throughout the state.

Fetterman was also proud to be endorsed by the far-left Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. 

During a speech last week on August 14, Fetterman also struggled throughout the event where he was addressing potential voters.

The most recent polls have Fetterman ahead of Republican Dr. Oz by a margin of four to six percentage points, with a Fox News poll also showing Fetterman leading by as many as eleven points.

Fetterman has recently mocked Dr. Oz for “having ten houses,” leveling plenty of other criticisms in an already-heated campaign.

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