FEDS ADMIT: No Evidence Proving Coordination in Jan. 6 Capitol Breach


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After months of the mainstream media reporting otherwise, the FBI has concluded that there was “scant evidence” that the January 6th protests at the U.S. capitol were planned by conservatives or supporters of President Trump.  Reuters, one of the largest mainstream news sources, was the first to report the determination, citing the testimony of four current and former law enforcement officers.

As per Reuters: 

“Ninety to ninety-five percent of these [January 6th arrests] are one-off cases,” said a former senior law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation….there was no grand scheme with [conservative activists] Roger Stone and Alex Jones to storm the Capitol.”  

Even among those who allegedly intended to enter the capitol before coming to DC, there were reportedly no “serious plans” to harm anyone or do damage once inside.

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Despite this, and despite prosecuting only very few of the “black lives matter” rioters who spent the last two years attacking police precincts, burning down private businesses, and running mafia-style extortion schemes, the FBI has arrested over 500 Americans who were in the Capitol that day. They have also been arresting those who merely protested on the steps, issuing an arrest warrant this week for InfoWars news host Owen Shroyer who was allegedly in a “restricted area” outside of the building.  

Here is a collection of mainstream media headlines that claimed that there was a planned/coordinated attempt to breach the U.S. capitol, with links to the original articles.

NBC News: “Extremists Made Little Secret of Ambitions to Occupy Capitol.”  

Washington Post: “‘Be ready to fight’: FBI probe of U.S. Capitol riot finds evidence detailing coordination of an assault.”  

NPR: “’Planned, Coordinated Attack’: Former Capitol Police Chief On The Insurrection.”  

CNN:  “Members of extremist Oath Keepers group planned attack on US Capitol, prosecutors say.”

The FBI now knows that few if any January 6th protesters committed any crime beyond trespassing.  The agency has likely known it for months, as it has consistently failed to produce any evidence to the contrary.  The media intentionally spun the story to hurt conservatives without having any idea of what the truth was.  And still, hundreds of conservatives rot in DC prisons.  

This journalist has never seen anything like it. 

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