RED WAVE INCOMING? Republican FLIPS Connecticut Senate Seat Where Biden Won by 25%


ryan fazio connecticut senate candidate
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Republicans flipped a Connecticut Senate seat in a district where President Biden won by 25 percent.

Ryan Fazio, a Republican member of Greenwich, Connecticut’s Representative Town Meeting, beat Democrat Alexis Gevanter in District 36 by just over three percent with a total of 8,911 votes to 8,459. The previous Senator, Alex Kasser resigned from office due to personal issues relating to an ongoing divorce.

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Decision Desk HQ reports, “Kasser, a Democrat, flipped what had long been a solidly Republican seat back in 2018 in a very narrow victory over then-incumbent Scott Frantz. Kasser then held that seat with another narrow victory in 2020. Kasser’s resignation also means that the Democrats in the Connecticut State Senate no longer have a supermajority, something Republicans hope to solidify by taking back this seat.” 

Gevanter has never held public office and despite his competition’s lack of experience, Republicans believe Fazio’s win is a positive precursor to the 2022 congressional midterms. 

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