Fetterman Hospitalized For Clinical Depression: Second Visit In Two Weeks (DETAILS)


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Recently elected Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) checked himself into Walter Reed hospital Wednesday after dealing with a severe bout of ‘clinical depression.’ The Senator has reportedly been dealing with depression, which has worsened in recent weeks.

“On Monday, John was evaluated by Dr. Brian P. Monahan, the attending Physician of the United States Congress,” a statement from Fetterman’s representatives read Wednesday.

“Yesterday, Dr. Monahan recommended inpatient care at Walter Reed, and John agreed, and he is receiving treatment on a voluntary basis.”

A report in the New York Times last week said that Fetterman wasn’t able to understand what people were saying to him, adding that it’s as if he is “trying to make out the muffled voice of the teacher in the Peanut’s cartoon.”

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This is the second hospitalization in two weeks for Fetterman, who was hospitalized last week during a Democrat Senate retreat on February 9 for feeling lightheaded. Doctors conducted tests but couldn’t find any symptoms of a new stroke or seizure. 

“A few minutes ago, Senator John Fetterman was discharged from the George Washington University Hospital,” last week’s statement read. “In addition to the CT, CTA, and MRI tests ruling out a stroke, his EEG test results came back normal, and there was no evidence of seizures.”


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