Fmr. Business Partner Tony Bobulinski Releases MORE DETAILS on Biden Family


tony bobulinski sits down with tucker carlson to discuss biden business dealings
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New details have been unearthed by the team at Tucker Carlson Tonight regarding Hunter Biden, the Biden family, and business activities between them and the Chinese. 

Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of the Bidens, sat down with the Fox News primetime host to talk about his new findings.

Core to the discussion was the operation of Sinohawk Holdings LLC and the illicit diversion of money through obscure businesses operated by the Biden family. 

Bobulinksi claims the Biden family was engaged in fraud as part of their dealings in these businesses. 

Tucker gestured to the documents provided by Bobulinski and said, “Just this alone seems to me enough to spur a criminal investigation by the FBI into what apparently is fraud. The FBI had the contents of the laptop, they’ve had it for years now. Has there been an FBI investigation into this and what’s the outcome of it?” 

Bobulinksi replied, “I’m not aware of them focusing on those specific facts…they should be looking into that.”

Tucker pressed, “But Hunter Biden has not been indicted for this?”

Bobulinski, “I’m not aware of that.”

Mr. Carlson asked the former business partner how much Hunter Biden expected to rake in from these business dealings with foreign governments. 

Carlson: “How much did Hunter expect to make from the Chinese? “

Bobulinski: “In the spring of 2017, I expected CFC would employ billions of dollars to Sinohawk and I was focused on taking those billions of dollars and making a return on it. I expected to make hundreds of millions of dollars. I think the Biden’s thought they would make hundreds of billions of dollars.” 

Originally, Bobulinski came out in October of 2020 to describe his story on Tucker Carlson Tonight. The publication staff at Rogue Review touched on Biden’s shady business deals during that time frame. 

Photo Credits: Tucker Carlson Tonight, Express Digest,, New York Post.

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  1. Nothing will be done about the “crime family.” The MSM will continue to say, “nothing here to see – keep moving.”
    a great many of our institutions have been infiltrated by corruption – journalism is a great example.

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