Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Begins: Here’s What We Know So Far.


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The trial of Jeffrey Epstein madam Ghislaine Maxwell kicks off Monday at the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse in Manhattan. Since U.S.A. versus Ghislaine Maxwell is a federal trial, the entire trial will not be aired on any news stations, per federal rules. However, our publication will be covering the latest news and updates from Manhattan daily. Some have reported on Twitter that a media gag order has been issued for the trial, but this is FALSE information, however believable it may be. But, one can expect coverage from mainstream outlets to be lacking, to say the least, so let’s get into the facts.

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Maxwell’s trial is one of the most highly-anticipated in recent history, implicating dozens upon dozens of worldwide figures, from British royalty to multiple American presidents. Also among those involved include rappers, movie stars, and business moguls from across the globe. Here is a PDF of Epstein’s “black book:”

Obviously, the names tied to Maxwell and Epstein raise eyebrows and bring much speculation about corruption. But the speculation has only become more justified lately, as two major figures in the case have been identified.

First off is the case’s lead prosecutor, Maurene Comey. Sound familiar? Comey is the daughter of former FBI director James Comey, who spent plenty of time in the spotlight during the Trump presidency. Comey spun lies about the Trump campaign’s so-called connections to Russia and has spewed nonsense on CNN since his firing in 2017.

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And now, his daughter Maurene is heading up the federal trial against Ghislaine Maxwell, according to Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec:

Comey was also ‘prosecuting’ Jeffrey Epstein before the pedophile/financier’s death in 2019 for his sex crimes, and this storyline will obviously be one to follow and watch throughout the trial. Another massive red flag is the trial judge, Alison Nathan.

Nathan is a former White House assistant counsel for the Obama administration and was nominated for higher federal office by Joe Biden not much more than a week ago:

These two connections should prove to be extremely interesting points throughout the trial, and our publication will keep you up to date on everything with daily news. Subscribe below to get the latest, first:

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