Immigrant NYC Councilwoman-Elect RIPS Dem Bill Allowing 500,000+ Illegals to Vote (FULL CLIP)


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Inna Vernikov, a newly-elected New York City councilwoman, took to Twitter Wednesday to announce that she will be fighting back against the Democrats’ bill that would allow hundreds of thousands of noncitizens to vote in the city’s elections.

Vernikov is a Ukrainian-American who came to the United States legally, escaping the horrors of the extremist left Eastern bloc. A Republican, the attorney represents the 48th district of New York City.

Vernikov said that she’ll be voting against the controversial bill, which would make it easier for illegal immigrants and non-citizens to vote in the city’s elections.

Accompanying a video, she shared the following tweet to her Twitter feed earlier this week, explaining why she will be pushing back against the Democrats’ power grab:

“On December 9th, I will be voting NO on a bill to grant voting rights to non-citizens in NYC. As an immigrant myself, I understand that this bill isn’t about expanding rights – it’s about expanding Democratic power in this city.”


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