BLM Supporter That Ran Over Dancing Grannies Seen ASKING FOR HELP Seconds Before Arrest (FULL VIDEO)


blm supporter mugshot with ring video
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Child rapist Darrell Brooks murdered six people (so far) in Waukesha, Wisconsin during the annual “Dancing Grannies” parade. Brooks, an avid supporter of Black Lives Matter, intentionally drove into the parade with his car, a red SUV. Today, the sixth victim of his savagery, an eight-year-old boy, succumbed to injuries.

Just days prior, Brooks was held for running over his baby mama but was released on an absurdly low $1,000 bail.

The news media attempted to throw up a smokescreen, claiming Brooks was fleeing a knife attack at the time. However, footage from the scene clearly shows the man speeding up before plowing into the crowd. And now, a new video from a Ring door camera shows the moments before Brooks was surrounded by police.

In the clip, Brooks is seen pleading for help from the occupants of a Waukesha home, lying about who he is. The Post Millennial reports the following:

A homeowner who lives near the site of the tragedy said that their Ring camera shows Brooks approaching their home prior to his arrest to ask for help calling an Uber, according to Fox News.

Daniel Rider shared these clips with NBC News, and they were reportedly from about 20 minutes after Brooks drove his car into the crowd of children, grandmothers, and onlookers.

The footage shows a man who appears to be Brooks saying that he is “homeless,” and asking for help. “Hey, I called an Uber and I’m supposed to be waiting for it over here but I don’t know when it’s coming. Can you call it for me please?” the man asks.


It was announced earlier today that Brooks’ bail will stand at $5,000,000, which we think is far too low for an animal capable of such disturbing deeds.

A local BLM organizer and ‘militant’ said earlier this week that Brooks’ murderous killing of grandmothers and children was the “start of the revolution.”


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  1. The left again is demonstrating it’s need to condone criminal acts of any caliber, to them this frigging nut case and now murdering bastard is a hero……We the people have a lot of work ahead of us to sweep out the political hacks and wash away the mental non grips who our schools have produced….

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