GRIFF: Illiterate Executive Orders Confirm: It Was Never About the Guns


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On Thursday, President Biden announced six executive gun control initiatives as he urges Congress to push forth with the agenda on the legislative side. Among those initiatives are directions for the Justice Department to issue a proposed rule to restrict the proliferation of “ghost guns” and “stabilizing braces” – both of which, according to Biden, make it harder for cops to find bad guys and easier for bad guys to kill people.

While every state has different laws, per the ATF, it is legal for an American to make a firearm for personal use. The sale of that gun, however, requires it to be given a serial number.

Reports that the shooter in Colorado used some sort of stabilizing device on his firearm clearly inspired Biden’s action against a harmless piece of plastic.

He asked that the Justice Department “issue a proposed rule to make clear when a device marketed as a stabilizing brace effectively turns a pistol into a short-barreled rifle.” I’m sorry, what? Are we just saying words now?

The only thing I took from Biden’s initiatives is that they were written by people who clearly don’t understand the mechanisms or purchasing of firearms, with a sprinkling of ATF propaganda (or AFT, according to Joe). 

Biden’s gun control initiatives are an obvious reaction to the recent media coverage of mass shootings, after nothing but relentless pandemic coverage. Of course, I had to wonder, why didn’t we hear about any mass shootings for an entire year in the mainstream media? Yes, exactly one year:

Before the March 16, 2021 shooting in Atlanta, the last widely reported mass shooting was on March 16, 2020, at a gas station in Springfield, MO.

Then, just exactly one week after the Atlanta shootings, national headlines were again buzzing with news of another mass shooting at a grocery store in Colorado. At that point, I knew something didn’t feel right. My spidey senses were tingling – and they weren’t wrong.

I came to learn that on average, there was one mass shooting every 73 days in 2020 – a stark slowdown from one every 36 days in 2019 and one every 45 days in the two years before that. I also came to learn that gun violence increased overall even though mass shootings declined.

In fact, 2020 was the deadliest gun violence year in decades. The gun violence statistics in 2020 largely undercut the argument that the left tries to make for gun control following national media coverage of mass shootings. But they don’t care about the stats – they care about pushing their narrative of removing guns from American’s hands and they will use your fear to do so. 

2020 saw other gun-related records being set by American citizens due to the coronavirus pandemic and civil unrest following the death of George Floyd – 23 million guns were purchased, a 64% increase from 2019. Of those 23 million purchases, 8.5 million of them were by first-time gun owners. If you spent any time in a gun store last year, you’re familiar with the great ammo shortage of 2020. As irritating as it was as a gun owner not being able to find ammo, I felt a sense of pride and empowerment for my fellow Americans.

Every law-abiding citizen should take advantage of their second amendment rights – I truly believe that. I can’t help but consider that Biden’s initiatives come just as much in response to recent mass shootings as to the rise in gun ownership across America. 

While Biden’s executive power might be limited for now, this should serve as a stark reminder that the government is not our friend, nor do they want to protect us (by allowing us to protect ourselves). We now have a president in the White House who is actively seeking to disarm law-abiding Americans, claiming the illusion of constitutionality while threatening the very rights that are protected by it.

Gun control was never about guns – it’s strictly about control.

If the past year wasn’t enough to wake you up to the reality that your liberties are being threatened, Biden is working overtime to make sure you know. It’s not the time for complacency or the status quo in response to attacks on our protected liberties.

The government is on a power trip due to the control we granted them during a global pandemic and if you think they’re going to stop now, you’re sadly mistaken. Luckily we can use the hindsight we’ve gained, the frustration we’ve pent up, and the fire in our bellies to return to the driver’s seat of our country and let them know that we won’t accept it anymore.

We will no longer sit idly by while we watch our civil liberties be stripped; we are ready to fight. We are not extremists; we are Americans and we know our rights. And the most important right of all was brilliantly guarded by our founding fathers with a few of my favorite words… “shall not be infringed.”

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