Heartwarming Clip Shows the Moment School Kids Learned Their Governor Dropped Mask Mandates


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For two years now, children as young as pre-schoolers in many American schools have been forced to wear restrictive masks. These facial coverings, doing little to stop COVID-19, have kept our kids from socializing normally with their friends, and no one knows just how much developmental damage these mandates have wrought.

But recently, governors across the country have begun to lift mandates in schools, led by Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and other Republicans in America.

Now, apparent internal Democrat Party polling on COVID restrictions has spurred liberals to also end these unthinkable mandates on our kids in classrooms. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak recently announced a lift on mask mandates, and needless to say, the kids are happy.

This week, a heartwarming clip went viral showing a class of Nevada Elementary School students learning the news that their governor had decided to end the mandates.


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  1. I bet reaction telling kids the water fountains were permanently dispensing Sunkist would be even better….doesn’t mean it’s good for them

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