How Coronavirus Shutdowns are Used for Leftist Social Engineering


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A true student of history should recognize the powerful ability to shift public policy in a dramatic fashion during a time of crisis. Some of our nation’s biggest cultural and political changes were enacted through catalysts like WWII and 9/11. Each day we hear of a different mayor or governor using the COVID-19 shutdown to arrest pastors, giving jail sentences to hair salon owners and impose their will on otherwise law-abiding citizens. There is a strategy on the Left to use this opportunity to make fundamental societal shifts.

Coronavirus “Green New Deal” 

According to Breitbart, a coalition of progressive groups funded by George Soros (a progressive investor and activist) are sponsoring a “People’s Bailout” for the next stimulus package. The stated goal is to use the pandemic to push for fundamental reforms on the American way of governance & life. On the wishlist are $15 minimum wage, free healthcare for illegal aliens, expanding public services that “support climate resilience” and aggressively cutting “climate emissions.” The group has pushed the use of #PeoplesBailout on social media sites to astroturf support.

California Shutdown Indefinitely

California Governor Gavin Newsom refuses to set a date or make plans to reopen his economy. As of May 6th, California remains “indefinitely” shutdown. Gov. Newsom said in a recent statement, “We’re not going back to normal . . .  it’s a new normal with adaptations and modifications.” He also said Coronavirus provides “the potential” for a “a new progressive era” in state politics. As governor of the most populated state in the union, this is a signal of things to come.

Shifting to Plant-Based Meat

Meat shortages are pushing plant-based meats on the American population (a long-time progressive agenda item). Since meat plants are shut down (due to the virus and state restrictions), two of America’s largest plant-meat producers, Tofurky and Impossible Foods, have said sales are up. Tofurkey CEO Jaime Athos said his company is selling more inventory to stores than ever before, according to TMZ.

Safe Return to Producing and Flourishing

We should be for the ideological return to safe, calculated economic freedom and productivity. Our nation is in a fundamentally different place with Coronavirus today as opposed to 5 or 6 weeks ago. Hospitals outside of New York and California have not been overwhelmed in the way the media predicted. Americans are doing a good job of having healthy social distancing habits. The media and the Left have a huge stake in this shutdown. They want to fundamentally transform the way we live, work and socialize.

Our messaging must be on point: Start America’s safe return to productivity and flourishing. 

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  1. All true – never lead a crisis go to waste.

    Hopefully, the CA and NY lockdowns will open the eyes of the people in these progressive nightmare states – as Elon Musk recently tweeted, “take the red pill!”

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