How to Fight the Fog of War


Don't Let Big Tech Win!

Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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In days of old, when battlefield communications moved no faster than a horse could run, and there were no satellites to provide overviews of the ground, events moved slowly for generals and troops alike.  Often a literal fog hung over everything due to fires or gunpowder smoke or both.

On modern battlefields and political landscapes, however, speed rules the day, and this creates a different kind of fog: a mental one.

Whether you’re a dedicated Trump supporter, an independent voter watching rioters burn our cities, or a regular American whose job was a casualty of the shutdowns, you need to understand the situation Democrats have placed us in.  You don’t have to call it war, but the side that attacked an old lady leaning on a walker and screamed that she was “Nazi scum” isn’t peaceful.  The side that did everything they could to cheat in the election (report fraud to the president’s legal team here at Defend Your Ballot) is no friend to Democracy.

Their mentality is simple – us vs. them.  

For many patriots, a stunned mental haze has taken over, hampering thought and action.  Nerves are frayed, sleep has been difficult, anger overwhelms.

In the 20th century, Air Force pilot Colonel John Boyd became famous for his recognition that the side which makes good combat decisions faster usually wins, and for his related in-depth analysis of military strategy.  His ideas and direct input formed the basis for the strategy used in both of the initial invasion phases of Iraq by the U.S. (1991 and 2003) which were enormously successful.  He believed that all decision making followed a formula – Observe, Orient, Decide, Act, which he termed OODA Loop:

Diagram Credit: Patrick Edwin Moran

Right now, as many of us panic, we are caught between observation and orientation.  We observe massive fraud.  We receive so much information that we become disoriented.  We’re confused as to whether there is hope or not.  And that mind space is where we need to put our enemies.

The first step is to become calm.  Sit down.  Lie down.  Breathe.  Trump won’t collapse if you don’t tweet or Parley for an hour. 

Now get up.  Observe.  What do you see?  There was an election.  Democrats are trying to steal it.  The media and social media are against you, except for a few publications, like Breitbart, Newsmax, and the Rogue Review.  The president is suing to expose the fraud, and says it isn’t over, so any publication that says otherwise is biased. Got it.

Now orient.

What does this information mean in the light of your previous experiences with Democrats?  It means they will use the media to try to destroy your hope.  They will obstruct any investigation into fraud, and destroy evidence (remember Hillary’s hard drive?).  They will try to make you uncertain by proclaiming victory.  They will intimidate using mobs.  They will ask activist judges to help them.

What does our side need?  We need to give Trump the tools to fight.  We need to be able to communicate freely.  We need Democrats to become angry and irrational so that we can get inside their OODA loop, and begin taking actions faster than they can keep up with, causing them to become first confused, then angrier and more irrational.

Now decide what to do, while remaining calm.  Concrete actions include:

Donating to Trump’s legal victory by clicking here, or going to  

Getting on Parler, a platform similar to Twitter but without free-speech restrictions.  Not only will you be able to say what you want and follow people banned by Facebook and Twitter, but your clicks will no longer create advertising dollars for Big Tech.  Conservatives already caused one 20% crash in Twitter stock prices.

Report any voter fraud, problems at the polls, or suspicious activity to the president’s reporting site

Openly celebrate Trump’s victory around friends, and mention it to liberals on social media.  Remain calm when they react with fury, and gently tell them that the legal process needs to work, etc.  Say with confidence that Trump will emerge victorious.

Do anything the president asks, and support him in taking the oath of office on January 20, 2020.

Now act on as many concrete things as you can, and feel free to come up with your own ideas. Now return to observation.  Have liberals changed their tactics?  If not, keep using the same tactics.  If yes, or if events change, orient yourself, predict how they are likely to move forward, and disrupt them accordingly.  Get the hang of the cycle, and keep going through it calmly, but in a way that damages the other side.  Keep delegitimizing Biden as they did to Trump.  Pray.  Never quit.

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