Pfizer Pharma Announces 90% Effective COVID-19 Vaccine, Stocks Soar


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Monday morning Pfizer Pharmaceutical announced their latest Coronavirus vaccine was over 90% effective against patients infected with the Covid19 strain. Obviously this is a medical milestone, but frankly the timing of Pfizer’s announcement is a little suspicious.

In 2020 Pfizer donated 256,520 dollars to Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign, and donated 152,120 dollars to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign. For reference, Pfizer only donated 62,058 dollars to President Trump’s campaign. Pfizer also gave money to notable Democrats such as Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg. Overall, Pfizer Pharmaceutical spent 688,365 dollars on Democrats this election season.

Donald Trump Jr. agreed with the suspicious nature of Pfizer’s timing, tweeting out, “The timing of this is pretty amazing. Nothing nefarious about the timing of this at all right?”

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