Identity Politics: The Dog that Always Turns on its Owner


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Joe Biden, the sniffer of female locks extraordinaire who always has children coming up to him in the pool to touch his leg hair (according to him) now has a campaign sign that comes perilously close to reading “Biden Harass 2020.”

It didn’t have to be that way.  If Biden had picked the junior senator from Illinois (a former army lieutenant colonel who lost two limbs in the service of the United States) the sign could have said “Biden/Duckworth 2020.”  Which sounds fun, if nothing else.  Instead he has a running mate that his base is openly rebelling against because of her past policies as a prosecutor and who, as one of the most liberal senators in Washington, has no chance of helping him win moderates. 

Oh, and Kamala Harris has also called Biden a racist – so the Trump ads will write themselves.

Sadly, Senator Tammy Duckworth wasn’t good enough for Democrats, and neither were dozens of other qualified candidates.  True, she’s a woman, a category Biden promised to choose from among.  But she’s Asian, not black, and following the Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots, the demand from the Democrats’ base for Biden to choose a black woman exploded and forced Biden’s hand.  And when I say the Democrats’ base, I mean the mainstream media.  Here are some of their headlines:

“Biden faces pressure to pick a Black woman as his running mate. Who should it be?” – L.A. Times

“He better pick a Black woman” – Politico (sounds like a mafia threat)

“Biden has four great options for a black female running mate” – The Washington Post

“Black male leaders say Biden will lose election if he doesn’t choose Black woman as VP” – USA Today

“Columnist on why Joe Biden should pick a Black woman for VP” – CBS News

“Demand for Biden to Name Black Woman Surges” -U.S. News & World Report

“Biden must choose a Black woman for vice president” – MSN

You see, Democrats openly embrace a concept called “intersectionality” that forces them to make choices based on demographics, not logic.  Example: In a 2016 memo, President Obama said of America’s security groups such as the FBI and CIA, “Agencies should give special attention to ensuring the continuous incorporation of research-based best practices, including those to address the intersectionality between certain demographics and job positions.”  

What does that mean?  According to the dull definition by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, intersectionality is; “The complex, cumulative way in which the effects of multiple forms of discrimination (such as racism, sexism, and classism) combine.”  Snore.  Allow me to translate:

Victimhood status is everything, including to Obama and Obama’s former Vice President, Biden.  The way to become a victim is to be diverse, ideally in multiple ways.  If you’re black, good.  If you’re a black woman, better.  If you’re a black female lesbian who is actually transgender and transracial (see Shaun King on the last one) you’re golden.  Never mind that the above would make you what is traditionally called a “straight white male.”  

Each “diverse” identity you can claim to be a part of earns you extra points – for Obama, it was more important that those filling out job applications for the CIA be the right color and sexual orientation than that they be competent, which should give us some insight into how ISIS got so out of hand (it was later destroyed by Trump).  It should also give us insight into the difficult position Democrats have put themselves into.  

Accusing others of racism and sexism, as Democrats constantly do despite having been the party of slavery and Jim Crow for over 150 years, is a great way to whip up support.  The down side is that whatever behavior humans are rewarded for tends to be the behavior we exhibit.   So Biden ended up with Harris, and America ended up with riots.

You see, everyone in the Democrat party hates everyone else in it because there can only be one top victim.  Democrats have to constantly try to appease people who don’t really have much in common and who are all constantly screaming that they have it worse than the others.  Democrats claim Hispanics are treated badly in America for example, yet no one clamored for a Hispanic VP because BLM rioted and took control of the victimhood narrative.  Biden’s initial promise to pick a woman wasn’t random either – it came in the midst of the me-too movement, a movement that had seen Biden accused of harassing women (and in his case the videos out there and pretty disturbing).  

Examples of the Democrats’ balancing act:

  1.  Black Americans, as a community, are poorer than other Americans, and often work in lower-paying jobs.  But unless blacks are okay with millions of poor Hispanics immigrating to the United States to compete for those same entry-level positions (in which immigrants still make twice as much as they would in many Latin American countries) blacks are considered bigots by the Democrats, even though black wages are dramatically lower as a result of more competition.
  2. The majority of gay Americans vote Democrat, and Democrats insist gays face massive discrimination in America.  Gay marriage and any form of homosexual behavior are generally punishable, often by beatings or death, in Muslim countries.  Yet Democrats say anyone opposing mass immigration from the Muslim world is a bigot.
  3. Traditional feminists, also a big part of the Democratic base, must now admit that “transgender” women are women.  That former men are now dominating women’s sports, have little in common with actual women, and ask women’s issues to take a backseat to “transgender” issues – the newest craze – is to be ignored.  At least liberal “Harry Potter” writer J.K. Rowling (an avowed feminist and the richest author of all time) woke up and condemned this nonsense.  

With no beliefs, only victim groups, Democrats can say or do little to make their entire base happy, and less still to win over moderates.  

The fact that many running mates would have been better than Harris is irrelevant, because Biden had to pick a black woman (note: her family has no connection to American slavery or racial issues, since her black heritage is through her father, a Jamaican immigrant whose family owned slaves).  

The fact that any sane political party would condemn the killing of cops and massive rioting is irrelevant, because Democrats can’t condemn the “peaceful protests” without admitting they lied about police brutality to make black people feel victimized (black Americans have a less than 1 in 160,000 chance of being killed by a police officer in a given year, and a nearly 0 percent chance if they are not involved in criminal activity).  

It doesn’t matter if the majority of Hispanic immigrants and gays don’t want more immigration, because Democrats need them to feel like victims.

And it doesn’t matter if Americans want to hear a hopeful, positive message.  If America isn’t a racist, sexist, gay-hating country, the Democratic Party is dead.

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