NYC’s Upper East Side Sees 286% Jump in Violent Crime, Robbery


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New York City’s Upper East Side has seen a dramatic increase in crime in 2020, with the last couple of weeks seeing a 278 percent increase in robberies and violent attacks according to the latest NYPD data available. The data came available via a tweet which was posted by the NYPD’s 19th Precinct which patrols the area.  

The tweet said “Crime Alert: We’re experiencing a significant uptick in robberies (27), in the last 28 days (286 percent increase compared to 2019), (5) of those robberies were at gunpoint (mapped below).

The city’s upper East Side has some of the wealthiest residences in the state with an average annual income of $322,400. 

One robbery took place on Saturday, August 1, around 9:30 p.m, when a group of four approached a 45-year-old male and flashed a gun at him, robbing him of his cell phone.  On the same night, an 18-year old male reported that another group of 4 approached him with a gun and took his wallet. 

The first robbery took place in the vicinity of East 73 Street and York Avenue, while the second robbery took place eleven blocks away at East 65th Street and Lexington Avenue.

New York’s Upper East Side isn’t the only area that has seen a dramatic increase, as the city saw a record number of shootings over the Fourth of July weekend. 

The NYPD has seen a war on its’ budget in 2020 as the mayor promised to significantly reduce its budget following the death of George Floyd, with members of the city council taking out $1 billion from the 2021 budget, and disbanding the Anti- Crime unit which was responsible for taking guns off the street. 

According to Fox News, billionaires John Paulson and Glen Dublin live blocks from a robbery that took place on East 84th Street. 

Arrests have been made in both robberies which have included a 16-year-old and 17-year-old.

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