Is THIS Radical SCOTUS Clerk the Roe v Wade Leaker?


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Speculation has been circulating around the internet this week about who might be the leaker of the potential upcoming decision that may overturn Roe v Wade, the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal throughout the United States.

Speculation about the leaker’s identity has run wild on Twitter, but lawyer and pundit Will Chamberlain’s theory seems to hold more weight than others. Chamberlain tweeted out a thread outlining his speculative theory that it was Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s clerk, Elizabeth Deutsch, who leaked the documents.

Deutsch has been a liberal activist supporting abortion rights her entire adult career, and her husband, a reporter, has tight connections to the journalist who released the Roe v. Wade report. Chamberlain starts his thread with background on Deutsch.

Deutsch has been involved in the law field since college, where she earned two Master’s degrees from the London School of Economics and the University of Cambridge. Deutsch also attended Yale Law school, a fast track to Supreme Court clerking.

Deutsch continued her liberal activism when she wrote her thesis about the supposed crisis in women’s access to reproductive rights. The paper, a long-form research document required for all prospective law graduates, is to be written on a topic they feel passionate about.

In her research paper, she argues for expanded access for “women’s reproductive rights,” along with making an “argument” to force catholic hospitals under Obamacare to perform “emergency” abortions. Along with the note, Deutsch also wrote an op-ed for the NY Times arguing for Women’s reproductive rights as well.

Chamberlain continued his case, delving deeper into connections between Deutsch’s husband and Josh Gerstein, the POLITICO reporter who broke the leak:

Interestingly, Deutsch’s husband was hired by the Washington Post as a national political reporter. But his direct connection to Josh Gerstein is even more convincing; the two seem to be long-time friends, and they even shared a byline on a POLITICO piece in the past:

Chamberlain closed his thread with final notes:

While Chamberlain’s argument is convincing, he notes that it is all speculative, and our publication wants to reiterate the speculative nature of his theory.

Chief Justice John Roberts has argued for a full investigation into the leak.

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