WATCH: Deranged Abortionist Says He Loves Killing Babies (SHOCKING CLIP)


abortion doctor growls at pro life demonstrator outside of clinic
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SEE shocking ‘demonic’ video…

Abortionist pulls out scissors and makes guttural slashing noise…

Abortionist captured in video passed away in 2018…

A resurfaced video from 2016 shows a grisly and dark video of an abortion doctor saying he enjoys performing abortions on unborn babies, while mocking a pro-life protestor. 

The unnamed abortion protester told abortionist Dr. Robert Santella he needed to “repent” for “murdering babies” in the womb while standing in the breezeway of an abortion clinic. 

Santella responded in a mocking voice, “Why?”

“Because it’s a sin before God.” The pro-lifer stated. 

Santella growled and blew air into the pro-lifers face, saying mockingly, “Stinky breath”. 

The pro-lifer continued, “It’s pretty evil of you, sir”. 

Using a demonic tone, Santella agreed, “Yeah I am…HA!” 

At this point in the video, Santella appears to pull out a large pair of scissors and makes a gutteral slashing noise. While it’s unclear what he did with the scissors off-camera, the context of what the pro-lifer says next gives viewers a clue: 

“Wow, that’s what you do to babies, huh?”

Santella responded, “yeah, I love it!

abortion doctor pulls out scissors
Screenshot of abortionist pulling out scissor and making guttural slashing noise.

The pro-lifer tried to spiritually intervene for the soul of the abortionist, “I hope you come to Christ, sir.”

Santella responded, “Oh I’ll never go to Christ…I never listen to Christ…I have a darkened heart.”

The pro-lifer told Santella directly, “You will stand in judgment before God in one day…”

Santella responded, “Yes I will. Every day.”

The pro-lifer, apparently growing frustrated with the abortionist, said “yeah, keep tearing the babies apart…”

Santella’s last line on video was “yeah, I will [keep tearing babies apart]”. 

A security guard standing in the video background walked over to the abortionist and said, “Dr. Santella? You have a phone call.” – ending the conversation between the doctor and pro-life demonstrater.

Dr. Santella passed away  in 2018, two years after the exchange between himself and the demonstrator. At the time of the video, he worked at San Diego’s Family Planning Associates clinic.

The shocking video is recirculating on social media, following the news of a leaked Supreme Court draft suggesting the iminent overturning of Roe v. Wade. The leaked draft was published in Politico. The overturning of Roe v. Wade would essentially send the rights to regulate abortion back to the states.

Other abortionists have publically proclaimed their enjoyment of the abortion process. In 2021, an abortionist celebrated the killing of unborn life in a hearing by U.S. lawmakers, saying “abortion” was an “act of love”. A California abortionist, who is a mother of two, said she is “proud” to perform abortions

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