JUST IN: Judge Orders 21-Year-Old: ‘Get the Jab or Face 18 Months BEHIND BARS’


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A judge in Ohio’s Hamilton County, where this publication was founded, has ordered a 21-year-old man to either get the COVID-19 vaccine or serve 18 months in prison. The man, named Brandon Rutherford, had been arrested for a minor possession of fentanyl.

Judge Christopher Wagner included the following points in the sentencing hearing:

“I’m just a judge, not a doctor, but I think the vaccine’s a lot safer than fentanyl, which is what you had in your pocket. You’re going to maintain employment. You’re not going to be around a firearm. I’m going to order you, within the next two months, to get a vaccine and show that to the probation office.”

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And apparently, Wagner also told Rutherford he would send him to state prison for violating ‘community control’ conditions. Cincinnati’s WCPO reported the following:

“According to the transcript, Wagner threatened to send Rutherford to state prison for up to 18 months if he violated conditions of Community Control, which is commonly referred to as probation,” WCPO reported.

Unfortunately for Rutherford, a healthy man in his early 20s, the vaccine does not seem to even defend against transmission. It is also under Emergency Use Authorization only at the moment in the United States, which doesn’t give anyone extra reason to feel comfortable with the experimental jab. That’s not to mention its lack of FDA approval…

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It is simply un-American for a judge to order the vaccine with the backing of the state. Hopefully, Rutherford and his attorney will win this fight in court.

We’ll report the latest as it comes.

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  1. If you do get the shot because your job requires it. That makes them responsible if lord forbid something would happen to you from taking the shot. I know it’s a big what if. But you never know.

  2. I’m about to lose my job as a medical courier if I dont take the Jab. Just got word today. Portland Oregon of course.

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