FULL CLIP: Ph.D. SHREDS the ‘Scientific’ Basis for Vaxx Mandates, EXPOSES CDC’s Racist Past


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Did you miss this?! We did, and we think it’s due to the censorship so often occurring on social media. It’s become increasingly clear that the vaccine mandates are NOT based in science but rather a need to control Americans.

At a meeting in Michigan regarding House Bill 4471, which would protect Michiganders from forced vaccinations, Dr. Christina Parks, a Ph.D. in biology with vast knowledge of vaccines, ripped into the so-called ‘science’ ruling the land.

“Vaccine requirements and mandates are based on the faulty assumption that the vaccines in question will prevent transmission,” Dr. Christina Parks says.

She continues, posing questions: “Does the vaccine for DTaP prevent transmission? No. Does the vaccine for flu prevent transmission? No. Do the vaccines for COVID prevent transmission? No.”

“In fact, they were NEVER designed to do that… if you look at clinical trials, they do not say that they [vaccines] prevent transmission,” she went on.

Going on, she noted our report that even the CDC’s chief said that the vax has no ability to prevent infection: “CDC Director Walensky basically said that these vaccines have NO ability to prevent infection by and transmission of the Delta variant.”

[Watch CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admit to this on CNN]

Watch Dr. Christina Parks’ testimony below. It is totally worth the full 8 minutes! She goes into the history of vaccinations, discrimination, and even the terrible realities that the CDC has brought upon black communities, leading to vaccine hesitancy:

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