JUST IN: New Project Veritas Clip Exposes Pfizer and Confirms What Many Americans Feared


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Project Veritas has released a FOURTH COVID-19 vaccine exposé, this time releasing a video featuring undercover footage from scientists at Pfizer. Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant, has administered the third-most vaccine doses in the world.

Throughout the clips, Pfizer scientists repeatedly admit that natural immunity is much stronger than the protection vaccines reportedly bring. Here are some of the top quotes from the clip (below):

  • Nick Karl, Pfizer Scientist: “When somebody is naturally immune — like they got COVID — they probably have more antibodies against the virus…When you actually get the virus, you’re going to start producing antibodies against multiple pieces of the virus…So, your antibodies are probably better at that point than the [COVID] vaccination.”
  • Chris Croce, Pfizer Senior Associate Scientist: “You’re protected for longer” if you have natural COVID antibodies compared to the COVID vaccine.
  • Croce: “I work for an evil corporation…Our organization is run on COVID money.”
  • Rahul Khandke, Pfizer Scientist: “If you have [COVID] antibodies built up, you should be able to prove that you have those built up.”


Thankfully, America still has organizations like Project Veritas, willing to work hard to expose the corruption in our country. These clips, while only confirming the suspicions of many of us, are vitally important for all Americans to watch. [RELATED: NEW Project Veritas Exposé Shows J&J Employees Explaining Why They REFUSED Company’s Jab]

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5 Responses

  1. I’m so sick of the fear mongering because as was stated above this is NOT a pandemic!! And why isn’t that little tyrant Anthony Fauci behind bars??? Why are people listening to him spew nonsense and garbage when he has been responsible for killing people? This “vaccine” is not a silver bullet!!!! Wake up people!!!

  2. This has never been a “pandemic”…. the death rate was never more than 1.8% and there was always a 99.98% survival rate… that dear people does not qualify as a pandemic!

  3. Should the vaccine be only water, I am very happy to see it because it decreases the fears and anxieties in the world. In that some people benefit somewhat, it just might prevent panic and spiritually save many people from harm and withdrawal from life. I took 2 shots and the booster and am very glad I did.

    1. So sorry for you Tom. This “vaccine” has permanently changed your DNA structure… and that’s a fact. TREATMENT for the virus is what saves people’s lives….not the vaccine….. it can only detect ONE spike protein BUT it has changed the messenger system of the cells that relate to your DNA. The common cold can now run rampant in your body because your immune system is blinded to any other intruders…. and will allow ANY virus to over take your system and cause it to fail. There is also the chance your immune system will attack your vital organs if that is where a protein decides to rest. NOT enough was ever known about these ‘vaccines” and they never should have been used in humans. MANY PRAYER FOR ALL WHO HAVE BEEN VACCINATED….. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY AND CHANGE THE RULES OF NATURE TO SAVE YOUR LIVES…. IT’S UP TO GOD NOW FOLKS.

  4. the term ‘a pandemic of the unvaccinated’ but the more precise term is ‘a pandemic of the non-immune,’”

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