Kids Directed to Chant “BRING ROE BACK” by Camp Leaders (WATCH)


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In light of the massive Roe v Wade ruling, left-wing individuals, institutions, and politicians have sprung into panic mode, rioting, protesting, and threatening a radical assault on America’s Supreme Court institution. Unfortunately, it seems the left is dragging young kids into the debate.

In a startling clip posted to TikTok, children can be seen chanting “bring Roe back” as part of what appears to be some sort of camp.

As the kids walk down the street chanting, they are led by teachers or staff members, holding “homemade” signs about abortion, according to the clip’s author.

The march, which is not confirmed to be part of any school or camp yet, seems to be in New York City.

Popular conservative account Libs of TikTok shared the video to Twitter:

The children, very young, clearly have little to no idea about what they are protesting.

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