NY State Parole Board Releases Cop Killers, Other Violent Offenders


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Following the release of numerous cop killers in New York State, New York state Republican lawmakers have approved a plan to provide tougher oversight of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s parole board. The parole board has recently approved the release of numerous New York cop killers over the past couple of years sparking outrage across the state and in the law enforcement community.

“The recent decisions by the parole board granting release to violent offenders such as Samuel Ayala and Herman Bell and Anthony Bottom are textbook examples of what’s wrong with this board. If these heinous actions don’t warrant a full sentence what does,” New York State Rep Will Barclay said in a statement following the parole of Anthony Bottom, one of three convicted leftists who assassinated two New York City police officers in the late 1970s.

During the 1970s, leftist waged war on the police across the United States shooting cops and assassinating them across the country, primarily in the New York City metro area which saw several high profile incidents including the assassination of NYPD officers Joesph Piagentini and Waverly Jones, and now Governor Cuomo’s parole board has granted release to two of the officer’s murders, Herman Bell in 2017, and now, Anthony Bottom in 2020.

Bell and Bottom were part of the leftist revolutionary movement, the Black Revolutionary Army in the 1970s which waged war on cops. Bell and Bottom were part of a trio who called 911 in the 1970s with a fake 911 call and lured the two cops into a building in New York City shooting Waverly Jones and killing him instantly and had Officer Piagentini beg for his life before executing him shooting him 12 times.

“It takes me three days to write a statement,” Diane Piagentini, fiancé of officer Piagentini said in a recent statement. “My daughters were 3 months old, and 15 months when my husband was killed.”

Samuel Ayala is a level 3 sex offender who was convicted of murdering two New York City housewives in the 1970s. 

If approved, the GOP bill will allow for state legislatures to vote off parole board members by a majority vote.

“There is nothing you can do in New York to get a life sentence,” Jason Minter said of Ayala’s approved released. Minter’s mom was one of two murdered by the trio Ayala was involved with. 

The parole board also approved the release of infamous leftist Judith Clark after Governor Cuomo met with her a few years back. Clark was the driver of a getaway car in a brinks truck robbery which left the brinks armed car robbery in 1981 in Rockland County New York. The robbery led by leftist left three dead, including the truck’s guard/driver, Peter Paige, and two Rockland County police officers, Edward O’Grady and Waverly Jones during the pursuit of the getaway vehicle.

Judith Clark was granted parole after Governor Cuomo met with her and said that she was a changed woman and commuted her sentence from a 75 year to life sentence to a 35 year to life sentence.

Judith Clark was released in 2019, and the governor approved the release by not objecting to it.

The Governor and the state have been using the excuse of the COVID virus to allow for the release of thousands of prisoners from city and state jails, as the state has been liberalizing its incarceration policies in the last few years under a Democratic State majority.

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