OPINION: The Nationalist Case for Red State Independence


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The ties that bind a people must be of the soul, not merely the world. The love of one’s nation and the embrace of nationalism are things that all good men understand and accept without prompt.  A nation, unlike a country, is defined not as individuals who happen to share common government, but as a body of people united by religion, language, culture, and ancestry.

The fundamental theory of nationalism is thus: that each large group, sharing such characteristics, has the right to self-determination, forming its own civil body politic that will either sink or swim in the world as its values merit.  To wish to live among those of like mind is as natural as a parent wishing to raise their own child.

The political dilemma which faces Americans now only incidentally involves which party might control the levers of power.  The fundamental question of our time is: are we one nation or two; in short, do those on the right and the left of our politics remain a single people?  If upon examination it should be found that they do not, should they then each go on to an independent destiny?

One thing is certain: separate nations cannot long live under the same roof unless one is converted to the beliefs of the other.  Show me a time in history where groups with such strongly opposed ideals have remained long united and at peace, and I will concede all points.

It is axiomatic that, in the strongest of ties, that of religion, Americans face disunion.  Following the mass immigration encouraged by our politicians, and a conscious effort on the part of academia to promote atheism, nearly half of the country no longer adheres to traditional Christian faith.  Naturally, this has helped only Democrats, to whom Christian values are an anathema.

A full 69% of the country’s atheists support that party, along with 64% of agnostics, 62% of Muslims, 69% of Buddhists, and 61% of Hindus, according to leading research.  Meanwhile, conservative Christians and Mormons are the only groups who overwhelmingly support Republicans – if only support within their ranks were unanimous!  Deep diversity of the religious variety has proven – predictably – a divider, not a uniter (though I welcome members of any faith who share my ideals).  In religion, Americans are not only unlikely to find common ground absent mass conversion, but our differences of faith have led to strongly opposed political philosophies, and those have led rapidly towards possible separation.

In the more worldly realm of finance, we will also find our differences irreconcilable by any compromise.   

It was once assumed that the point of economics was to improve the lot of man (or at least to give each man a bigger lot) but this ideal is long gone among American leftists. 

As an example, living in “tiny homes” – miniscule boxes in which I would not pen a dog – is now promoted in order to “save the environment,” though space remains abundant (the federal government alone owns some 640 million acres of land, 28% of our total).  Far too many Americans (34%) have also become renters like their cousins in socialist Europe.  The fruit of conservative Americans’ labor is denied in every other manner too, often by the same “green” philosophy (one assumes liberals are happy with the lessening of their comforts).  Cars must be both smaller and more expensive, and fuel prices higher.  Winter clothing is made of plastic instead of leather and fur, out of misguided regard for nature.  Veganism is promoted despite depriving humans of essential protein, because (we are told) raising cattle is environmentally unsound. 

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Naturally as well, any form of success is taxed to the point where the government’s share of profit is among the highest in the world.  If that gave us smooth roads, zealous law enforcement, or a bright economic future, that would be some excuse, but none of those abound.  Taxes have only gone to feed massive debt – as unwelcome a houseguest as the home invaders common in Democrat cities.

Diminishing abundance has even become an open goal of Democrats.  In 2008, President Barack Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu said: “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the [$9 per gallon] levels in Europe.”  Obama expressed similar sentiments, and his former Vice-President Joe Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline project on his first day in the White House, resulting (by purest coincidence) in a near doubling of our fuel prices.

Conservatives believe in abundance, leftists in scarcity.  In this, we are no longer compatriots striving for the same goal, but teams of rivals championing mutually exclusive ends.  There is no compromise in that. 

Medicine too, now divides us.  Those advocating coronavirus vaccine mandates brook no dissent from those who object, and leave no possibility for a meeting of the minds.  For myself, I remain unvaccinated.  Unlike other vaccines, those developed for this supposed extremity do not create natural immunity through exposure to a small amount of a pathogen, but modify a body’s DNA messaging system, something both ethically questionable and dangerous.  These so-called vaccines were also developed using cells from aborted children, which no decent Christian would condone.  All were researched and approved in haste. 

More importantly concerning medicine, no one should be forced to accept a procedure to which they object.  Until recently, the left championed “bodily autonomy” (though only as it concerned the rights to kill or die, as per abortion and euthanasia) but no longer.  Now refusal to inject a foreign substance into one’s blood is grounds for termination from work, expulsion from school, and in some cases denial of any medical treatment.

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Leftists in other countries such as Australia have already excluded the unvaccinated from society entirely.  So long as such force is used, there will always be an unwelcome underclass in America that yearns to breathe the free air.  Those rendered beggars have nothing further to lose, and their rebellion is as inevitable as the rising sun. 

Yet another key question is this: do Americans still speak the same language?  The evidence says that they do not.

Social media has become the medium by which Americans communicate with friends and family, but conservatives are no longer able to use the largest platforms freely (if at all), and certainly not to be honest regarding their views on medicine, traditional marriage, elections, or the nature of gender.  In consequence, conservatives have begun their own platforms, or found other means of sharing their ideas, removing themselves from platforms that no longer value them.  The result of the censorship is simple: leftists do not speak where we can hear them, nor do we speak where they might hear us.  If we spoke Spanish and they French, the divide could hardly be wider. 

The same holds true for sources of news.  Our antagonists watch and listen only to those media sources which lie assiduously about us, and have been taught that conservative publications are dangerous even to read.  As a result, they know little about us, even when they live across the road.  Not wishing to hear our values constantly denigrated, we very naturally refuse to regularly read to their publications as well (though for decades other options were scarce, and thus most of us are familiar with their ideas).  The result is predictable – a communications disconnect of the first order.  Until censorship is ends, it cannot be overcome. 

But the language divide is also literal.  Our borders have been thrown open by who wish to overwhelm western culture with other cultures, and every day our towns are invaded by foreigners unable to communicate with their neighbors, let alone secure employment.  Having disastrously tried socialism and tyrannical government in their own countries, they vote overwhelmingly for Democrats so that they may implement it in America.  Those of us who want a bountiful future for our children must stop this flood, and reverse it.  Since what is good for Democrats regarding immigration is automatically bad for us, there is, however, no common ground towards which to work.

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Then there is the aforementioned matter of abortion.  Conservatives cannot compromise on this, and leftists will not.  Unlike Solomon, society cannot offer to divide a baby, performing only half of an execution.  The Supreme Court has committed itself to addressing the topic in the coming months, and it may be that those of us against infanticide will claim victory.  But the truth is that it would still be an incomplete victory.

The Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, the case that legalized abortion, would not cause abortion to be banned.  It would merely allow states to ban it.  Conservative states, it is true, would move to prevent abortions, but they could not stop residents from driving to other states to procure the same.  In any case, the moderate Supreme Court is unlikely to overturn Roe entirely.  It will almost certainly hold abortion sacrosanct on some level.  

On other social issues, some compromise would be possible with the assistance of the left, but no one expects this to be forthcoming. 

Monetary vouchers that allow parents to choose where their children are educated might permit reasonable differences over the teaching of evolution, critical race theory, and contraception.  But the widespread preference by the public for private institutions would break public schools almost immediately, and with them the teachers’ unions that provide Democrats with so much of their cash flow.  Absent a radical change of heart, they will never allow it.

The question of who can marry might also admit of a reasonable compromise.  Marriage is an institution born of religion, and if the state’s role in it were returned to private hands each might make their own choice.  But leftists wanted power, so the Supreme Court, in Obergefell v. Hodges, endorsed immoral acts on behalf the entire country.  So long as marriage remains the purview of government, conservatives will fight for the legal enshrinement of their own views, especially as Obergefell is now being used even to excuse the indoctrination of children into the lifestyle it promotes.

Finally, personal security, too, sees us divided.  On this one issue, both sides claim the same goal: public safety.  But whereas we want more law enforcement officers, they want less.  Where we want to defend ourselves in the absence of law enforcement, they see an emergency services call as adequate protection against a rapist with a gun.  I cannot, in good conscience, leave women and children so unprotected.

I must be honest, friends, I believe that America is no longer one nation, but two.  I do not believe that the wise and sensible can come to any other conclusion.    

Perhaps we can yet overcome these divides, but if so it will be by a supreme act of spiritual conversion.  Every time we have compromised, or indulged in understanding, the left has ruthlessly taken advantage and advanced.  Unity now requires the return of our neighbors – and ourselves – to a life of faith in Christ and an embrace of America’s original vision.  Spare no effort, friends!  Bring your friends and enemies alike to enlightenment in God.  Bring them to the truth and let them stare wide-eyed at the precipice on which our nation stands.  If they then scoff, shake the dust from your feet and move on to the next neighbor, as the Lord instructs us in the Book of Mark.   

In seeking to show others the truth, we will push ourselves more rapidly towards learning our country’s destiny – but if the worst happens (and I do not crave it), I have no fear of living in a conservative nation – only an ambiguous country.  We will never be stronger than we are now, nor more passionate.  Should Democrats continue in their folly, they have once and for all betrayed their oaths to the Constitution, and if so conservative states and territories are, and of right ought to be, a free and independent nation.

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    1. Mormons hold sacred the Book of Mormon in addition to the Bible, whereas Christians hold only the Bible to be sacred, thus Mormons and Christians are two different religions. The point of the author is that most Mormons and Christians are conservative and hold traditional values. As for the authors idea about two nations, this was decided in four years of bloody war that we call the ‘Civil War’ from 1861-1865 and when the South lost, the Federal Government became so powerful over the individual States that our nation forever changed. Most people are not willing to give up Social Security and Medicare and so the ‘new war’ is already over. In short, when General Robert E. Lee surrendered, the original values of the United States ended and The Federal Empire began. We are now seeing the end result. God have mercy on us all. Thank you for your well written article sir.

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