Oz vs. Fetterman Debate: Full Video Highlights


oz vs fetterman debate stage

Dr. Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman took the stage Tuesday evening to debate the issues surrounding the Pennsylvania Senate race in November.

Below is a highlight reel of clips reported on by media outlets and concerned citizens.

Leading off the evening, Fetterman bid the audience farewell in his opening statement, saying “Hi. Good night everybody.”

Fetterman took on the subject of inflation, accusing Oz of owning “ten houses”.

Oz then clapped back at Fetterman, noting the former Mayor “bought” his house for $1 from his sister. Fetterman then confused everyone, saying Oz got his Pennsylvania house for $1 from his own “in-laze,” whatever that means.

Fetterman was pressed on why he has not released his medical records in light of alleged severe health issues.

Fetterman was asked why he did not support fracking in 2018.

Dr. Oz dropped what X Strategies called a “nuke” on John Fetterman.

Fetterman was asked if there are any Biden policy positions with which he disagrees. A long silence ensued.

Senior correspondent at Time Magazine said Fetterman performed even worse than she was expecting on debate night.

Who won the Pennsylvania Senate debate?

Who won the Pennsylvania Senate debate?

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8 Responses

  1. Dr. Oz has a problem being a medical doctor, a severe problem. Too many of his TV medicines have been, at best, debunked as fakes. He studied to be a doctor and graduated, yet he can’t “cut the mustard” as a doctor. He has ABSOLUTELY no “education” to be a senator, other than he is a TV quack. So how is he even remotely qualified to be a US Senator?? NOT QUALIFIED AT ALL!!

    1. Bill, have you any brains? He understands the issues facing Penn. And knows how to fix them. Fetterman really doesn’t have any idea where he is.

  2. It’s sad to see that the liberal Democrats would put a man up for election with the health problems that Fetterman obviously has. It’s not his fault that he had a stroke, but instead of putting up a candidate that is healthy and able to serve, but instead they let Fetterman run. His political agenda fits the liberal Democrats agenda, so he’s their best candidate. Really?!!!
    Dr. Oz is new to the political arena. He has fresh ideas that the nonliberal need to help turn the economy, health system, and points of view to help Pennsylvania citizens get back to growing the job market and take the choke hold off their lives, so they can live freely according to the state laws and constitutional rights of a free people! God Bless America 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. He is recovering. He is QUALIFIED. If he has more medical problems or he is physically unable (not according to his doctor!) to perform, there is always resignation and a new election. Compare that to electing an UNQUALIFIED TV QUACK! Get smart Pennsylvania!

  3. Fetterman proved that he is NOT ready mentally or physically to serve as a Senator. That would not give Pa. Proper representation. Dr. Oz proved that he is ready and able to serve the people of Pa. Dr. Oz should be the next Senator is Pa.

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