WATCH: Joe Biden Aimlessly Wanders, Is Redirected Back to White House


A clip surfaced on Twitter Monday showing President Joe Biden looking utterly clueless, again.

In a video grabbed from C-SPAN, Biden is seen wandering off into the bushes on White House grounds after a tree planting ceremony celebrating groundskeeper Dale Haney’s 50-year tenure. After Biden was told to turn around and walk the other way by attendants, he looked totally puzzled… in his own backyard.


The video now adds to a long list of missteps from the Commander-in-Chief in what feels like the longest first two years of any presidency in recent memory.

Now, many Americans are clamoring for Biden’s impeachment. Do you support impeaching Joe Biden?


Should Republicans IMPEACH BIDEN in 2023?

Should Republicans IMPEACH BIDEN in 2023?

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Over the past few months especially, Joe Biden’s mental acuity has been questioned relentlessly, and Rogue Review has covered the President’s multitude of gaffes closely.

Here is a list of reports from our team:

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