Pence’s Next Play Against Trump: The Wisconsin Primary


Former Vice President Mike Pence is in Wisconsin to campaign against President Trump’s Republican primary picks, according to new reports.

The news comes just days after Arizona’s hotly-contested primary races delivered a resounding victory for Trump-endorsed candidates, including Kari Lake for Governor, Blake Masters for Senate, and Elijah Crane for the 2nd district, a near-certain pick-up seat for the GOP in November.

On the losing end of those races were Pence’s candidates, who couldn’t overcome the President’s grassroots supporters despite establishment Republicans pouring millions into the state.

Now, fresh off the Arizona duel with Trump empty-handed, Pence is headed to Wisconsin to support Rebecca Kleefisch, the establishment-approved challenger to Trump’s endorsed candidate, self-made businessman Tim Michels.

Milwaukee’s Fox 6 Now reports:

PEWAUKEE, Wis. – It’s Trump versus Pence in Wisconsin. Days away from the August primary, the Republican race for governor has competing endorsements. 

“Wisconsin and America need Rebecca Kleefisch to be the next governor of the great State of Wisconsin,” Pence said.

Pence endorsed Kleefisch just 48 hours prior to President Donald Trump’s visit to endorse her GOP opponent, Tim Michels.

“I have committed as governor putting a thousand more cops on the street, bail and sentencing reform,” Kleefisch said.

On Wednesday, Kleefisch hosted a law enforcement roundtable. 

“To tie the hands of bad district attorneys and bad judges who are content to let the bad guys go. That is why I will fire District Attorney John Chisholm of Milwaukee County – because I believe these are the changes that must be made in order to make Wisconsin safe again,” Kleefisch said.

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    1. Amen to that but first things first. We need to elect as many MAGA candidates as possible. Remember this President Trump does not know many of them so it’s up to you to do your research and not let endorsements get in the way. Like in Pennsylvania Oz should not have been elected but the 3rd place candidate was a MAGA candidate but Trump went with a democrat turned republican because he knew him and he lied to Trump just to get his endorsement and is now losing to a democrat. We can not afford to lose that seat but it’s looking like we will.

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