Biden Secretary: Kids Need “Empowering” Sex Change Mutilations


rachel lavine on msnbc making comments about kids gender affirming surgery
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The Biden administration advocated for brutal sex “reassignment” surgery for children on Thursday.

Biden Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine (formerly Richard) told an MSNBC host that kids needed to be “empowered” to have life-altering surgery as minors.

“So, we really want to base our treatment and to affirm and to support and empower these youth, not to limit their participation in activities like sports…and even limit their ability to get gender affirmation treatment in their state.”

“Gender affirmation treatment” encapsulates anything from puberty blockers to sex reassignment surgery. These treatments are used by the medical industry to attempt to help people who feel like they are the wrong gender. Oftentimes, these surgeries lead to permanent damage and irreversible issues down the road for youth.

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Rachel Levine is a biological male who ‘identifies’ as a woman. Levine has two children but left his wife of 25 years to pursue life as a “transgender female” in 2013. Levine won USA Today’s “Woman of the Year” recognition. Levine joined the Biden administration in February of 2021 and was confirmed in the Senate 52-48.

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4 Responses

  1. Has The United States become Sodom and Gomorrah? I cannot believe parents that are actually having their children have sex change when they really don’t understand. Going against the will of our Lord is sinful and I believe that in time we will pay for our sins. Take care

  2. This is so evil on so many levels. Its one thing if a person makes these sort of life altering decisions as adults, as long as they are personally paying the medical bills. Young childerns minds have not developed the reasoning skills and maturity level to make these sorts of decisions. Certainly mom and dad should not be making them either!

  3. Children should be able to experience childhood, not having young boys and girls questioning their sex. Early education such as pre-school, kindergarten and first grade should be a time to learn how to interact with other children and teaching reading, math, American History and geography in junior high and high school. Our country is no longer respected and is causing more harm to the educational system.

  4. Just what America needs: Advice from a Mixed-Up Guide! It’s like finding yourself in the middle of the wilderness and watching your confidence vanish as you ask your guide, “Well, which way is home?” He looks at you, points and says, “It’s that way—if it isn’t this way—no, wait, it might be over there, uh, mmmmmm…….”
    Are there any real people in the Biden Abomination?

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