CPAC Straw Poll Shows One Republican Leading the Pack for 2024


cpac straw poll results 2022

Former President Donald Trump destroyed the competition in an anonymous straw poll taken during CPAC 2022. 

Trump captured over 69% of the vote cast during the conference, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gathered just under 24% of the vote. Senator Ted Cruz came in third, with only 2% of the vote.

The chairman of the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp, told Fox News, “there’s an unbreakable bond between President Trump and the conservative movement. He simply did the things he promised to do, and for that they are grateful.”

A second poll was conducted, removing Trump as an option altogether. DeSantis came in first with 65% of the vote, followed by Donald Trump Jr. with 8%, and Cruz with 6%. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made the top list, pulling in 5% of the vote. Who would YOU prefer running for President?

Which Republican Would YOU Support for President?

Which Republican Would YOU Support for President?

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Members of the media were not pleased with the results of the straw poll. CNN anchor Jim Acosta and his guest lambasted the Right, with guest Bill Cohen saying, “We’re moving closer to a fascist form of government, where we no longer believe in the rule of law … If you think violence is acceptable as a form of political expression you’re headed in that direction.”

Trump has strongly hinted at a 2024 presidential run. In a leaked report by Rolling Stone, he apparently told close confidants that he plans to run. Rolling Stone reported their source was a former Republican National Committee senior official. 

It has even been rumored that Trump and DeSantis may be running on the same ticket. Robert Barnes suggested a “decision has already been made”, meaning DeSantis already has a deal with Donald Trump to be VP candidate in 2024. Barnes is a constitutional lawyer and ally of former President Trump.

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  1. Agree totally with Dennis. I voted for Trump twice but never again. January 6 opened my eyes. My vote is for Liz Cheney! She had the courage to stand up to him and do the right thing. IMO Trump should have been impeached after the January 6 tragic events! I agree with Trump policies but character matters. No more sore loser bullies for me. Where are the true conservatives?

    1. Opened your eyes? If your eyes were opened you would have seen the Capital Police “letting protesters into the Capital”! AOC made that statement herself. Also, many of the “Rioters” were from other “groups” that started “Rioting”, NOT “Peacefully and Patriotically letting their voices be heard”! So much FRAUD has been PROVEN since that day in several states. Several people have been charged with “Ballot Harvesting” and prosecuted for it.

  2. I believe at least half of the Trump endorsed candidates will lose in the November midterms. Trump may be loved by his base in the Republican Party but independent conservatives like me who voted for him last time will NOT vote for him again in 2024. Trump cannot carry swing states like Georgia, Arizona, Virginia and Ohio. Also, the Republican Party needs to get responsive to the desires of their constituents on abortion. Guard rails must be modified!

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