Trafalgar Group, Deemed Crazy By Media, is 2020’s Most Accurate Polling Group


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Trafalgar Group, the polling company that was called “crazy” during the run-up to the 2020 Presidential Election, and was discredited for being “pro-trump,” had the most accurate polls according to the latest stats available. While the election results in some states are still in doubt, the groups polling methods turned out to be the most accurate amongst the major polling companies throughout the 2020 cycle.

While the counting is still going on in some states, most polling companies, except Trafalgar group, got the battleground states of Florida, Ohio, and Iowa, all terribly wrong, predicting the President would be blown out in all those states along with others. However, the opposite happened, with President Trump winning Florida by 4.3 percent, Ohio by 7.1 percent, and Iowa by 6.2 percent.

Establishment pollster companies like Quinnipiac, Reuters, Rasmussen, and Monmouth while touted in the mainstream press and on Sunday morning shows as being some of the “best companies,” they were the ones with the worst record when it came to the polls, and Trafalgar group was the most accurate.

Some polling companies like Reuters had the President down 17 in the polls nationally, while others had him down 10 percentage points. The same polling companies predicted another “Blue Wave” for Democrats in the House and Senate which never materialized; the Democrats lost a handful of seats in the House, and also lost a seat in the Senate. The Republicans picked up the Alabama Senate seat that the Democrats won in a special election with Doug Jones, who was replaced with Tommy Tuberville, the former Auburn football coach.

Democrats also ended up losing five seats in the house as well.

Republicans also won key seats in Maine, where Susan Collins held off a tough challenger, and in South  Carolina where Lindsey Graham held off the biggest challenge of his political career. Polls in Maine were wrong also with the last polls before election day had Susan Collins down four points.

While on CNN last Saturday morning, Robert Cahaly declined to comment when the host asked him, “what’s your special sauce?” meaning why their method is the best out of all the polling groups.

Many speculate that Republican voters are either afraid — o to admit to pollsters that they supported President.

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