PICS: Biden Caught Using Embarrassing Cheat Sheets Featuring Reporters’ Pre-Determined Questions And Simple Directions For Aging POTUS


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Fresh questions have arisen about the mental capacity of President Joe Biden after it was revealed that he used a cheat sheet with pre-determined questions submitted to reporters prior to White House Press events. The revelations come as the cheat sheet was discovered at a Press Conference with President Biden on Wednesday in Washington D.C at the White House. 

The event took place Wednesday afternoon with President Biden conducting a joint Press conference with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol, in celebrating 70 years of friendship between the United States and South Korea. 

Photographers at the White House discovered the cards when President Biden opened one up at the podium. The card helped the President guide him through the question-and-answer part of the briefing with journalists and reporters:

Another close-up photograph of the president’s comprehensive cheat sheet shows directions saying “You will sit at the center,” and “You will deliver opening remarks.” 

President Biden’s gaffes have been caught on video numerous times including him shaking hands with the air, tripping up the steps of Air Force One, and also forgetting where he was and getting lost going back into the White House following White House events. 

Instructions on the President’s cheat sheet also instructed him on which journalist and reporters to call on first, with one telling President Biden to call on the Los Angeles Times correspondent first.

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“How are you squaring your domestic priorities, like reshoring semiconductors manufacturing with alliance-based foreign policy?” read one question from the Los Angeles Times reporter Courtney Subramanian.

President Biden was caught numerous times earlier this year and last at press events with the same cheat cards fueling speculation that he’s mentally unfit for the challenge of the Presidency. 

President Biden announced his bid for re-election this week.

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