WATCH: Biden Fact-Checked By Little Girl, Can’t Remember Which Country He Last Visited


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Thursday’s “take your kid to work day” event at the White House has been somewhat of a disaster for the Biden administration.

Throughout the day, President Joe Biden has been fact-checked by a little girl, had to be reminded of which foreign country he last visited (Ireland – days ago), and was even ordered to get back to work by another girl.

In a clip where Biden couldn’t remember where his grandchildren (excluding Hunter’s estranged daughter, who the family does not recognize) all lived, a child set him straight.


Then, Joe was also hard-pressed to remember which country he had visited last, which as we all know, was Ireland, just last week. He had to be reminded by a girl which country it was.


Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also had an awkward run-in with a kid who asked her if the president would force young children like himself to be constrained by masks in schools again.

Jean-Pierre heinously refused to close the door on mask mandates in the future.

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