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Last night, the Elected Republican Congressional Candidate in California’s 45th Congressional District, Greg Raths (RET.), made a wonderful legal suggestion on the Late Night Twittersphere. Actually, it was two great legal suggestions—not too bad for someone who isn’t a lawyer. Or a Congressman, yet. 

Republican Congressional Candidate Greg Raths suggested that the President of The United States, Donald. J. Trump, invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807. And also that Attorney General William Barr and his Department of Justice, punish the rioters who get arrested from the enforcement of the Act, under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. Moreover, this was right after President Trump tweeted that the United States State Department will be designating ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization. Note the absence of the word “Domestic.”

These rioters are taking advantage of a crisis, the absolutely abhorrent and tragic murder of George Floyd, to promote whatever their destructive message is. In the process, they have felt it proper to wreak havoc among some of America’s most historic and beautiful cities. George Floyd’s family gets no justice from rioters. 

These rioters are making the Floyd Family’s matter worse because the Minnesota Prosecutor’s Office in Minneapolis, which is a sub department of the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office—run by none other than Keith Ellison, who some may say was recently an ANTIFA supporter—is not doing their due diligence and is heading down a path which would lead to nothing other than a gross miscarriage of justice for the Floyd Family. 

Ellison pictured with “The Anti-Fascist Handbook”

Though, Ellison quickly has seemed to change tune yesterday. How convenient for him. 

The Floyd Family’s matter is being grossly mishandled by the prosecutor’s office because they are only charging the individual involved in the murder of Mr. Floyd with third-degree murder. According to multiple sources of mine in the Beltway, these charges should be increased to first-degree murder and the individual involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The State should seek the death penalty. 

Justice is a dish best-served ice cold. Right now, tensions are hot and high. It will take time for Justice to sufficiently freeze in this climate. The Floyd Family has lost George Floyd forever. A grand jury indictment and full investigation would take three weeks. Especially, if there is evidence of a hate crime lying around somewhere, then it becomes a Federal Question, and the full investigative weight of the Federal Bureau of Investigations can get involved. We all know how that works.  

Forever is a long time. Three weeks is insignificant in comparison. 

Keith Ellison, rightfully, is taking over the Floyd killing case. He should demand a full investigation. Proper justice takes time. Moreover, it should be as transparent as possible, for accountability. If not, if we have another Jussie Smollet Chicago Style Investigation, I have a suggestion. 

If there is a hint of improperness from Keith Ellison’s Office, Erica MacDonald, The United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota, a wonderful and powerful Trump pick, should seek an injunction under 42 U.S.C. § 1983, which provides a civil action for the deprivation of rights under the color of state law. An improper handling of this case would deprive the Floyd Family of their rights under the 14th Amendment, which entitles Americans to their rights of life, liberty, and property, which cannot be taken “without the due process of law.” We all have the right to have our day in Court. That does not mean just any day. It means the right day in Court. The day with all the facts, evidence, data, analysis, and of course, most important, a Jury of our Peers to decide what is the proper punishment for those involved. 

What I mean by that last part is there was, what, four cops standing and watching? It’s odd, when I go to a gym to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (I’m not good), or when my older brother randomly attempts to get me into a loop choke or whatever his new favorite move is for the week, when I’m getting choked out and can’t breathe, they stop when I say it, and others stop it if it doesn’t. Some people, I guess, are just wired differently. 

I digress, however. Our topic of discussion today involves what has happened after. ANTIFA has done a great job in following the footsteps preached in the Book of (Rahm) Emmanuel, Former President Obama’s Chief of Staff, to “never let a good crisis go to waste.” And waste they have not. 

The last time Americans have suffered so much tragic damage here, on our soil, from individual human beings that are evil actors, is a day we American will never forget. The people involved should be treated the same. Which, President Trump did last night, by designating ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization. 

After years of holding Portland, Oregon hostage, because the liberal mayor there has either no spine or bad intentions—because the PBB policy was to intervene “only if they witness imminent, serious bodily injury.” Which, of course, they for sure followed when Journalist Andy Ngo was viciously attacked. Now ANTIFA has finally been bestowed their rightful title as a Terrorist Organization. 

Congrats, ANTIFA. You did it. Play Stupid Games; Win Stupid Prizes. Who would have thought that saying was ever true? Wild. Probably should have listened to Mama when you all were young.

Play Terrorist Games; Win Terrorist Prizes. 

President Trump should immediately invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807, Title 10, United States Code Chapter 13 §§ 251-255—to save Our Beautiful American Cities. This Act allows the President of The United States to deploy military troops domestically to break or put down lawlessness, insurrection, and rebellion. If this is not considered lawlessness, insurrection, and rebellion, then what does? 

To me, personally, I think it is, highly, coincidental, that over the last week there have been, magically, many, many, many riots randomly springing up across the entire country in our most historic and beautiful American cities. It reminds me of the Arab Spring which happened under the Obama Administration. Odd, right?

Regardless of the peculiarity of the situation, the fact still remains this is, at the very least, massive amounts of lawlessness around the country and the necessary conditions required to enact and enforce the Insurrection Act are here, and it is a clear and present danger. I have family that lives in Los Angeles, they are trying to escape and come down to our home, but they can’t leave because people with weapons and masks try to stop their car and pull them out. 

One other thing, isn’t it, interesting, how all of these insurrections are happening in states and cities which have the strictest gun control measures? Or at least, the worst of it is happening there. It’s ironic that when criminals are in areas where they know, or don’t, actually, how many people could be carrying a firearm with them, those areas have a lot less crime. Interesting. 

The military should use the necessary force required to put down these insurrections, and a balance should be struck between offense and defense. These are still Americans rioting, any loss of life is tragic. But it should not be allowed to continue. 

The military should seek to arrest as many individuals as absolutely possible, without risking the lives of our military and our troubled and misled rioters. Then, Attorney General William Barr and his Department of Justice should properly prosecute all those individuals arrested under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. Because the State Department, under the direction of President Trump, has now designated ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization. And Terrorist Crimes can be prosecuted under the RICO Act, 18 USC §§ 1961-1968. 

Federal Prosecutors should seek that the protestors involved are vigorously prosecuted because of what they have done to American Cities, American Businesses, and most importantly, America and Her People. Those prosecuted under the RICO Act can receive sentences of 25-to-life, and all those involved in destroying historic American cities should be prosecuted as such. To those who actually planned these, coincidental riots, should be held accountable for any deaths and all damage, and capital punishment should be sought. Everyone involved as a co-conspirator in the preparation of these riots should be held to account for any and all damage, economic and human life. 

Though, my fellow Americans, times may seem like a shadowy midnight gray darkness with crisis after crisis, remember we always have the Moon to look to for light, and the North Star—the brightest star in our beautiful American night skies. Don’t look down; look forward and up ever so slightly beyond the horizons. It is always darkest before the dawn. And, there has never been a challenge too hard, a hostile foreign government too large, nor an obstacle too large which the ingenuity of the American spirit has not been able to overcome. Especially when what was ahead seemed impossible. Were undefeated in that category. We are a nation created under God, when he is for us, no one can stand against us.

Always remember, America is and always will be, the Shining City on top of a hill which is the glimmering beacon of hope and prosperity to the entire world. We’re in that world, too. God bless.

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