REPORT: American Journalist Added To Ukrainian KILL LIST (DETAILS)


American YouTube host and journalist Jackson Hinkle has apparently been added to the controversial Ukrainian website “Myrotvorets,” which is rumored to be a ‘kill list’ launched by long-time Kyiv politician, George Tuka.

Myrotvorets shares detailed information on individuals it declares “enemies” of Ukraine, including addresses, and a number of the individuals listed in the past have been assassinated – and subsequently marked as ‘liquidated’ on the site.

Taking to Twitter to share the news, Hinkle wrote, “I’ve been added to the Ukrainian Government’s kill list. This kill list is maintained by the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior, which lists an address in Langley, Virginia, has an IP in Brussels, and which has marked off murdered targets, such as Darya Dugina, as ‘liquidated.'”

Hinkle refers to Darya Dugina in his tweet, the former journalist and daughter of a prominent Russian nationalist murdered in a car bomb assassination in 2022.

The Russians – and even the American intelligence agencies – believe that the attack was likely carried out by the Ukrainians.

As for Hinkle, his Myrotvorets listing describes him as “spreading Kremlin propaganda for profit” and in a description translated to English:

Anti-Ukrainian propaganda. Spreading Kremlin propaganda for profit. Justification and informational support of fascist Russia’s open attack on Ukraine. Comedian, streamer, blogger. Date of birth: 07.06.2001.

Earlier this month, prior to his visit to the country, U.S. President Joe Biden said that American taxpayers would be paying for the social services and government pensions of Ukrainians, despite the presence of those same taxpayers on a government-linked kill list such as Myrotvorets.

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Should Americans pay for Ukrainian social services?

Should Americans pay for Ukrainian social services?


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