Shocking Bodycam Footage Shows Nashville Police Breaching School And Taking Out Trans Shooter In Six Minutes (FULL VIDEO)


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Monday, a harrowing tragedy befell Nashville, Tennessee, when a biological female attacked The Covenant School, killing three children and three adults at the school.

The shooter, Audrey Hale, who “identified” as transgender “Aiden,” reportedly wrote a manifesto and targeted the school for reasons that are still unknown to police.

Stunning footage from Nashville Police Officer Rex Engelbert’s body camera shows a team breaching the school and neutralizing the transgender murderer in a six-minute operation.

In the clip, Officer Engelbert first makes contact with school representatives outside before gathering a strike team and entering the school with a purpose.

After running through different hallways and corridors, the officers eventually found Hale on the second floor, firing multiple rounds into the suspect, and killing her.


Tuesday, another revelation came to light; direct messages were sent from Hale to a childhood friend and basketball teammate, Averianna Patton, who shared the messages to NewsChannel 5.

“You’ll probably hear about me on the news after I die … This is my last goodbye,” Hale wrote to Patton Monday morning.

“One day this will make more sense. I’ve left more than enough evidence behind … But something bad is about to happen.”

4 Responses

  1. Finally cops acting as they should in these situations and not running away and hiding like the rest before them.

    Tranny down.

  2. The tears are still streaming as I witnessed this tragedy. I can’t imagine the fear those children and teachers must have experienced with the alarm sounding followed by subsequent shots and not knowing what was happening, then being told of the fatalities. If the police had not responded expediently and professionally, this could have been even worse.

    This woman was obviously mentally maladjusted. But, to take innocent Christians’ lives because she couldn’t cope and then commit premeditated suicide by police officers is just, in every way, wrong. She has selfishly affected many, many other lives, so far reaching, it is unfathomable. My heart goes out to the victims whose lives will be eternally affected.

    Since the 1960s, mental health facilities have been closed by folks who deem their use unconstitutional. Parents and Teachers pass cries for help as “phases”. Few have time for or belief in God, so ministers, who are ready to assist, are ignored. WAKE UP, PEOPLE! WAKE UP THE INEPT WOKE! It’s not the weapons of choice that commit the crimes, IT’S YOU, IT’S ME, IT’S EVERY SINGLE PERSON who refuses to acknowledge there is a problem with a fellow human being and try to get him help.

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