WATCH: Ted Cruz GOES BALLISTIC After Mayorkas Refuses To Say How Many Murderers & Rapists Have Crossed Border


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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) went ballistic on Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas during a Senate hearing Tuesday after the DHS head could not answer the conservative lawmaker’s simple questions regarding border crossings.

“How many murderers have you released into America?” Cruz asked Mayorkas.

“Senator, I’m not aware of any murderer whom we’ve…” Mayorkas retorted before Cruz quickly shot back. 

“So you don’t know?” Cruz asked, before asking Mayorkas to respond clearly once again.

No, you don’t get to give a speech. Do you know how many murderers you’ve released? I’m just trying to answer your question. How many rapists have you released?

“So your testimony under oath, subject to perjury, is that you have not released any murderers, rapists or child molesters among the 5.5 million? Is that your testimony?”


The exchange continued:

MAYORKAS: “Mr. Chairman, may I have the opportunity to ask?”

CRUZ: “No, you may not. You may answer my question. Is that your testimony, yes or no?”

MAYORKAS: “Senator, you’re not allowing me to answer your question.”

CRUZ: “I am allowing you to answer. I’m not allowing you to filibuster.”

MAYORKAS: “If you take a look at the pace of immigration in 2018 to 2019…”

CRUZ: “You’re refusing to answer. Let’s move on. Let’s move on to gotaways.”

Later on in the hearing, Cruz slammed Mayorkas for allowing children to be raped by keeping the Southern border largely open to illegal immigration.


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