WOW: Black Mother DESTROYS Minnesota’s Divisive ‘Ethnic Studies’ Curriculum In Scathing Address (WATCH)


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Multiple black Minnesota mothers denounced Democrat Governor Tim Walz’s education policy bill – which would feature a “divisive” ethnic studies curriculum – during a hearing held last week.

One of the mothers, Kofi Montzka, an attorney and mother of three boys, said she opposes the bill because “not everything that sounds good, is good.”

“The bill tells kids of color that they are stuck in a caste system based on their race,” Montzka said.

“We used to have a race-based system; we got rid of it, and now you all are trying to bring it back.”

“These messages are very harmful,” she continued, before sharing an anecdote from one of her child’s experiences in a high school band classroom.

“Just last month in my high schoolers band class, the teacher took 20 minutes at the beginning of class to talk about anti-racism … He told the kids to look around, and then he said, ‘The black boys in the shool would likely not live to retirement because of racism and the police,'” Montzka shared.

She then slammed the white proponents of the bill, saying she isn’t surprised they support it, considering their children will not be told that they are limited by their race.


Another black resident, Hillary Swanson, shared similar sentiments regarding the governor’s bill.


Radical and divisive school curriculums seem to be having a negative effect across the country. Earlier this month, we reported on a schoolyard display of racism that showed black students forcing white kids to kneel, before assaulting them.


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2 Responses

  1. Everything that the democrat party, democrat-MSM, the democrat teacher’s unions, and democrat politicians do, is predicated on promoting division. In short – they willfully ruin everything they have influence on.

  2. And what is the President doing to bring us together? Taking a knee and saying that he’s supporting something is BS. Tanks to the Biden Administration, BLM, and other groups like them, this country is becoming more and more divided. Yes, I know, the “liberals” want this and that, but ask yourself this one ward question: WHY? We need to bring our people, all people together again, not the same, but better. Racism is still a word that only means the same things, hate. Our President needs to bow to no one, he’s working for us all, not you blacks, browns, whites, Indians, etc., but for each and everyone of us.

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