Illegal Immigrant BEHEADED a Young Mother in California

According to shocking new reports from PJ Media and the Santa Monica Observer, a Venezuelan national illegally living in the United States beheaded 27-year-old American Karina Castro, the mother of their 1-year-old daughter. Jose Solano Landaeta, the suspect, reportedly murdered Castro using a samurai sword in front of an apartment building. In broad daylight, multiple […]

WATCH: RECORD-BREAKING Wave of Illegals Hops the Border

giant group of migrants wading through rio grande

Fox News border correspondent Bill Melugin recorded one of the “biggest groups ever witnessed” of illegal aliens crossing the U.S. southern border. Melugin and his team captured “hundreds upon hundreds” of migrants wading through the Rio Grande river. ‘Coyotes’ (human smugglers) reportedly were leading the mass of people over the river from Mexico. According to […]

Illegal Immigrants Planned July 4th Shooting in Virginia (DETAILS)

Over the Independence Day weekend, a pair of Guatemalan men were arrested with weapons, munitions, and plans to carry out a mass shooting at Richmond, Virginia’s July 4th parade. Thankfully, an American hero alerted police of suspicious activity and thwarted the attack. However, questions remain about who the would-be gunmen are, and new reports have […]

WATCH: Bus of Texas Illegals Arrives in DC

As illegal immigrants flood America’s Southern border freely, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is deploying a unique strategy to deal with his state’s influx. The governor is sending illegals from Texas to Washington D.C. via charter buses. Wednesday, the first bus of Texas’ illegal immigrants arrived just paces away from the Capitol building. Fox News reports: A […]

WTF?! Human Smuggler GROWLS at Border Patrol Agents Detaining Her (VIDEO)

Gateway Pundit — A woman arrested for human smuggling in Carrizo Springs, Texas last week growled at Border Patrol agents as they detained her. Some observers pointed out that the smugglers are coached and told to act crazy if they get arrested so they can go for an insanity defense. VIDEO: Border Patrol agents encountered […]

WHERE IS THE VP? 2 Weeks After Border Crisis Assignment, Kamala is Still M.I.A.

Two weeks after first being named the Biden administration’s lead on the border crisis, Vice President Kamala Harris is still missing in action. The administration has been extremely quiet on border efforts lately, even as the situation has been a crisis since soon after President Joe Biden’s swearing-in back in January. VP Harris continues to […]

REPORT: MIA at the Border, Kamala is Frustrated with Ongoing Mansion Renovations

CNN has reported that Vice President Kamala Harris, recently put in charge of the border crisis by President Biden, is frustrated with ongoing mansion renovations in DC. Many have wondered where the Vice President was, as she refuses to comment on the humanitarian national security crisis at the Mexico border. It has now become clearer […]